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NFC East Roundup: Giant test against Pats

The Redskins couldn't slow down Tom Brady and the Patriots, but the Giants have a history of doing just that.

Dallas Cowboys (2-6)

Week Nine – Eagles defeat Cowboys 33-27: I would not want to be a Cowboys fan. The year started with optimism, but without Tony Romo, the Cowboys have lost six straight. On Sunday, they faired no better in yet another close loss. Despite a clutch field goal from Dan Bailey that bounced in off the upright, the offense’s stellar outing turned sour in OT, when the Eagles took it to the house on the first drive, taking away the Boys’ chance to score. 

What’s Going On: With a 2-6 record, Dallas’ hopes of making the playoffs this year seem to have run out. No team in the history of the league with such a start has ever played in the postseason. Though the team is lucky to be in a division with no stand-out competitors, unless they can muster the vast majority of their remaining games, the Cowboys will probably be out of luck. Fortunately for them, they only have two winning teams on the schedule, so hold your breath until Romo returns.Though their sights are set on crunch time, the ongoing controversy that is Greg Hardy may be an even bigger problem for Dallas then their failed season.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

Week Eight – Eagles defeat Cowboys 33-27: The offense was clicking on Sunday for the Eagles. Sam Bradford didn’t throw a pick for only the third time this season, and the combination of Ryan Matthews and DeMarco Murray posed a huge problem for the Cowboys defense. Although the Eagles D looked sub-par, it was good to see the offense score points like fans assumed they would at the start of the season. With the latest win, Philadelphia has taken three of their last four to put them at .500 and in a solid chance to win the division. 

What’s Going On: Like most people who have an explanation for something, I don’t believe in coincidences, and Sam Bradford’s high level of play last week can certainly be chalked up to something. As it turns out, Chip Kelly and the coaching staff decided to dumb-down the playbook for their quarterback in a move that only an offensive genius like Kelly could comprise. Let’s see if they keep it up.One of the best takeaways from the game for the Eagles was Jordan Matthews’ game-winning catch in OT, which may serve as a launching point for the young receiver to turn his season around. Apparently, Mark Sanchez was instrumental in the winning play, as prior to the catch, he gave Matthews several tips based on some film to adjust his route running on the play.

New York Giants (5-4)

Week Nine – Giants defeat Bucs 32-18: New York deserves a golf clap for their victory last week. Everything went pretty well as despite a lackluster showing, the Giants did just what they needed to in order to beat Tampa. The problem: it’s only Tampa, and the Eagles may be starting to gather steam. On the other hand, the G-men are still in first and will probably stay just as average until the end of the season, so they have a good chance to take the division if nothing changes. 

What’s Going On: The Giants have a history of getting to the playoffs on a bad season and then turning heads once they get there, so who knows what’s in store down the stretch. Just ask the Patriots, whom New York will square off against this week. It wouldn’t be a Pats-Giants game without way too much recollection of the two Super Bowl defeats New England suffered at the hands of the boys in blue. Indeed, it seems uncanny that the undefeated Patriots would play the Giants in the midst of another underwhelming season. Anything can happen. Most likely, New England will blow the Giants out of the water, but Jason Pierre-Paul is still flapping his lips about the D-line’s chances of getting to Brady. The former All-Pro played well in his season debut last week, but regardless, his teammates and he are on the whole, a weak unit that looks nothing like the fearsome group that faced NE in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Maybe if the Pats win on Sunday we can put all this nonsense behind us.

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