Five W's: Talking Drew Brees, fantasy football, Trombone Shorty and Redskins-Saints with Andrew Geiger of 'Casual Hoya'

Drew Brees era in New Orleans ending? Fantasy football-palooza with Redskins-Saints? Is the Georgetown-Maryland all that matters?

Each week Breaking Burgundy checks in with a media member or interested party of the Washington Redskins' next opponent for the "Five W" questions. With Drew Brees and the 4-5 New Orleans Saints on tap for Sunday's meeting at FedEx Field, we check in with Andrew Geiger, a denizen of the Crescent City and publisher of the "" website dedicated to all things about the Georgetown men's basketball team.

Breaking Burgundy: WHO is the most popular person with New Orleans ties: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning or Trombone Shorty?


Casual Hoya: The answer to this question since 2006 (and certainly after 2009) has been Brees in a romp, as he probably could be the next Mayor of NOLA if he wanted to run.  He may hear some boobirds at home games now after some questionable INTs, but he is still the most beloved person down here and likely will be until he retires or gets traded to the Jets for draft picks in the offseason. Trombone Shorty, however, is a close 2nd, especially now that he holds down the coveted final slot at Jazz Fest that used to belong to the Neville Brothers.  Important to note that Shorty is from NOLA while Brees is from Texas, so Shorty may get more street cred than Drew does.  In case you have yet to do so, I highly recommend seeing Shorty in concert. Great performer who will soon be too big for the smaller venues you can still catch him in. By the way, for folks in DC, here's your next chance!

Peyton Manning is a distant 3rd on your list, but if the list were expanded, he would fall behind his father Archie Manning who played QB for the Saints back in the day, and probably even behind everyone's favorite waiter at their restaurant of choice.

BB: WHAT is your personal over/under on the amount of fantasy football players from this game you would at least consider using in 12-14 team leagues? 

CH: I love this question.  Let’s go team by team, shall we?

For the Saints, fantasy owners will be rolling out Brees, Ingram, Fast Willie Snead, Ben Watson and maybe you may have some guy out there still clinging on to hope that Marques Colston or even Brandon Coleman can be a viable WR3 or WR4 in this game.  I suppose you can also argue for Kai Forbath in some sort of revenge game against his former team. That’s seven by my casual count. If you’re still starting CJ Spiller you have serious issues and I want you in my League.

For the Skins, 2 QB leagues will definitely be playing You Like That Cousins against the woeful Saints DST, Matt Jones in what should be his ‘I’m going to seize the starting RB spot’ game, maybe some guy holding onto hopes that Alfred Morris can score a TD, maybe there's a guy in your PPR League hoping to strike flex gold with Chris Thompson, a number of WRs including Garcon, DJax and even Jamison Crowder who has become a homeless man’s Jarvis Landry, Jordan Reed, and Dustin Hopkins in another big kicker revenge game.  That’s nine by my casual count.


7+9=16.  Fun!


BB: WHERE are you with the notion that the Drew Brees-Sean Payton marriage ends after this season?


CH: Before last week’s horrible and embarrassing loss to the woeful Titans, I would have said maybe after next season as the Saints looked like they were going to turn a corner and perhaps sneak into the postseason this season. I don’t see that happening now, and frankly it might be best for the Saints to let Payton walk and get some new blood on the sidelines.  I just hope he takes Rob Ryan with him, as as much as he has been entertaining, his defenses have been terrible the last two seasons and enough is enough. The defense is young but talented, and the offense has enough weapons to still put points on the board, but it’s too much to ask of the offense to score 35 points per game because of the swiss cheese secondary and lack of a pass rush.


My guess is if Payton goes, Brees goes as well, and the organization may elect to simply put a cap on the great success the franchise had for nearly a decade and begin the rebuilding process.  Either way, I’m still going to go to the home games, as the Superdome Bloody Mary’s are the best in the country.


BB: WHEN does this season truly end for the Saints? (i.e. after losing to the Redskins Sunday, in the Wild Card round because they win 6 in a row, etc)


CH: The fans thought the season was over after the Saints dropped to 1-4, but a 3-game winning streak suddenly made everyone happy. Then last week happened, and now it’s back to doom and gloom as the Saints are 4-5 and probably can only afford to lose one more game the rest of the way.  So yes, if the Saints lose to the Skins on Sunday then I would suggest the season is probably really over, but I’m not going to give up on them until that 7thloss happens even though the reality is I have already given up on them because the defense is so bad and everything is awful except for those Bloody Mary’s referenced above which are quite tasty. 


BB: WHY does any of this matter considering Georgetown and Maryland play next Tuesday for the first head-to-head regular season meetings between the programs since 1993?


CH: I would argue that no one outside of DC-Maryland-Virginia area actually cares that much about the Hoyas-Terps game, but since I am a huge Hoyas homer I’m not going to argue that, and instead suggest that Hoyas-Terps on 11/17 is the biggest game in the history of both schools.  I fully expect the Hoyas to win, which will set off an off the rails Delusion Train among the fanbase and again set us up for an inevitable miserable March.


A Tradition Unlike Any Other. 

Hoya Saxa.

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