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Jason Hatcher: Redskins' name controversy factors in bad calls

Redskins DE Jason Hatcher lashed out at officiating following Sunday's 47-16 loss at Carolina, emphasizing how the team name controversy plays a factor.

The Washington Redskins were on the blunt end of a 44-16 loss at Carolina. From defensive end Jason Hatcher's persepective, the Redskins weren't just contending with Cam Newton and the Panthers, but also the referees -- and the Redskins name itself. 

Hatcher's postgame comments included a strong inference that the controversy over the team name plays a factor in the calls the team does or does not receive from game officials. 

"We've got to check ourself. Everybody has to look ourselves in the mirror. This is a team sport. We lost as a team. Everybody has to get themselves together, get mentally and physically tougher so we can go in here and win," Hatcher said via Comcast SportsNet's postgame show before bringing up the long-running controversy with the team name.

"It's going to be hard. We're fighting against teams and referees. ...I might get fined but it is what it is. I don't know if it's about the name or what. But at the same time we play, we play football too. We work our butt off too. Don't single us out. At the end of the day, it's just a name. Don't worry about the name. We're players. We work our butt of too.

"I'm just frustrated with it. We shouldn't have to be punished for that. Every game, just calls after calls that should have been made in our favor go to them. It's just not right. We're in the league too. We're National [League] Football players. We've got a team too. We go out and sweat and we work hard too. I don't give a crap about the name. We are players and we've got feelings too and we want to win too."

Hatcher's televised comments didn't mention any specific play or call that went against the Redskins. Though Washington certainly hurt its own cause with five turnovers and nine penalties, the game turned on a penalty in the second quarter with the score tied 14-14. Cornerback Chris Culliver's hard tackle on Panthers tight end Greg Olsen resulted in the ball popping out of Olsen's hands and into Culliver's, resulting in a 75-yard touchdown return. Instead, the referees flagged Culliver for unnessary roughness. The Panthers ended up scoring a touchdown on the drive, which started a 30-0 scoring run.

UPDATE: Here's video courtesy of Carol Maloney with NBC4 of Hatchers comments.

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