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We would like to thanks starting QB Patrick Ramsey for taking an hour out of his day to answer fans questions and give the Warpath faithful some insight into the upcoming season. For those fans that didn't make it, or for those that just would like to relive it, enclosed is the transcript in it's entirety.

Patrick Ramsey Hello everyone I'm ready for your questions.

amudgarden Thanks a lot for coming in here today^`2026Good luck this year! What is one piece of advice you have for rookie quarterbacks Gibran Hamdan and Brad Banks that no one gave you last year?

Patrick Ramsey Good question. I would say try as hard as you can to prepare even more than you think is necessary. What was necessary in college is not near enough for the NFL.

powerpro Hi Patrick, does Steve Spurrier take a big role in coaching you personally, he seems to have showed a lot of faith in you and your ability, and with good reason from what I saw last year, is he a task master or is he as laid back as he appears in interviews?

Patrick Ramsey Coach Spurrier is very laid back off the field. He's an intense demanding guy on the field. But he's fair and he coaches me just as much as Noah. Coach is a fundamental guy and Noah fills in the gaps. He does an excellent job as well.

lavarleap11 Hey Patrick, As a resident of Purcellville i see you out and about every once in awhile. So how do you like loudoun County?and can you see yourself playing here your whole career?? I can give you some prime hunting and fishing spots in return for a ever elusive Lavar Arrington jersey!!

Patrick Ramsey If you're serious, I'm game about the hunting. I would love to retire here. There are so many variables, but we love where we live and I love the team. I really do.

tahoeredskins Patrick, who do you thik will win the #3 reciever job? Who do YOU want to win it?

Patrick Ramsey I think that we have a lot of guys who are capable. There are several guys. Taylor knows the system and is talented. Darnerien played well toward the end of the year. You got Patrick Johnson and PAt Woodcock. All are capable and it just depends on the camp and injury.

Duffman003 what will be your most favorite game of this season?

Patrick Ramsey The game I'm looking forward to the most would have to be NEw Orleans because of last year. I don't want to get far ahead of myself, but that's a game I would like to play a lot better in. But the division games are the most important.

DarrellGreenfan Now that you have Coles, do you plan on making him your ^`201cgo to^`201d guy or will you try to spread the ball around evenly?

Patrick Ramsey I think Laveranues has the ability to get open on a regular basis. Buti would like to spread the ball around because that makes us that much more dangerous.

Kilmer17 Hi Patrick, IN your opinion, which defense will give you guys the most trouble this year, and will you plan specifically for them, or rely on your own skills and make them adjust?

Patrick Ramsey The toughest defense historically is Tampa Bay. We'll play good teams, but that's one of the tougher teams. Miami and New England have tough defenses. You can't go in and say I'll try to beat them with my skills. You'll get beat every time with that. We'll have a game plan and win it that way.

rimbaud Patrick...How would you evaluate your first season in the NFL? Would you have preferred more playing time or do you feel that the knowledge gained by watching veteran players was more important to your development as a quarterback?

Patrick Ramsey I think I did some things well. It was down then up for me. I think that I could have done better in a lot of situations. It was helpful for me to go in and see the way things happened and come out and evaluate what I did wrong and what I did right and try to come back and improve on that.

stevea Yo, Patrick! Thanks! ... how would you rank our CBs as man-vs-speed (Coles), as man-vs-power (Rod) and as zone CBs (e.g., Champ is #1 in all cases, who is #2, #3 #4 in each case)?

Patrick Ramsey Champ is a great man corner. Smoot does a good job of sitting back and breaking on the ball. That's your zone guy. And finally power wise, to be honest that's tough to answer.

newshog Hi, Patrick--I saw in an article that you were reading some books on leadership. Did you get any particular lessons that you can see yourself applying?

Patrick Ramsey My PR guys here have asked me to plug the training camp hotline number. It's 703-726-7411. Apparently they have some funny messages on there and you can get good updates.

Patrick Ramsey Good question. There's no one thing. but its different ways to handle myself in different situations. There's nothing I can describe, but handling myself as a leader and the right thing to do and trying to gain the respect of my teammates. That's not the answer you're probably looking for.

Skinzaholic Hey Patrick... great to have you here with us! My question is regarding team chemistry... How do you feel things clicked during mini-camps... and how quickly do you think they will gel during the season?

Patrick Ramsey I was really very surprised and I was very encouraged by the way things clicked during minicamps. The guys got along well. Chemistry wise I don't think I've been on a better team. Hopefully we'll gel before the season.

tahoeredskins How much of being a good QB is mechanics and how much is natural ability? Has Spurrier played with your mechanics a lot?

Patrick Ramsey Ability is definitely there. But mechanics makes that ability consistent. Coach Spurrier has talked a lot about mechanics. He harps on that. He's changed more than I can type, a lot of little things. Looking off defenders, my drops, ball position, head position. He didn't change it as much as he helped.

warpathwest Patrick, thanks for coming, how 'sa the heart of this team this year?

Patrick Ramsey I know there's a hunger for winning and for a championship this year. It starts with our players. Our players are just as hungry as our fans for a championship.

TomSkinsFan Hey Patrick I coordinate a tailgate every year called HogFest. This year it is at the NY Giants game. Would it be possible for some of these guys to meet you after the game?

Patrick Ramsey Not if it's on the road. We're in and out. I would love to, but we take a shower and get on the bus in the tunnel and leave. If it was possible I would love to. But they don't give us time for that.

mdskinsfan Thanks for joining us. What do you think about the fans calling you the ""QB of the Future""? What are your personaly goals for this season, and longterm as a Redskin?

Patrick Ramsey Excellent question. It feels great to hear that but at the same time I feel I need to do more to earn that billing. After some successful games this year maybe that would be more applicable to me. My goal is to play well, lead this team and establish myself here and in the NFl. And just for our team to win. This year, next year, for the team I'm part of it's to win and play well.

spearfeather Hey Patrick ...did you sense any extra motivation from any of the players last year to beat Dallas?

Patrick Ramsey We want to beat them because we know how much it means to our fans. Them having that streak is something we wanted to break. And we wanted to win for Darrell. There were several motivating factors for us wanting to win that game.

Meddle Hey Patrick. The New Orleans game you mentioned impressed a lot of us because despite the bad start you came back and played. How do you stay focused when plays don't work out?

Patrick Ramsey In that game things couldn't have gotten much worse so it wasn't hard to get focused. We have a successful and talented offense so I knew things had to turn around. I knew I wsa capable of playing much better. I had to play well and not let my teammates down.

Terry Patrick, you've been quoted this spring as saying that you know where you are going with your pass by the second step. Is that where you were at the end of last season, or is that from your off-season study and mini camps? And is the game slowing down for you yet?

Patrick Ramsey The game is certainly slowing down. Usually by the time the ball is snapped you know what the defense is going to do and if you're familiar with your offense you can adjust. But the game has slowed down and I definitely feel more comfortable and confident. The end of the season I was getting to where I was more comfortable, but after going through all these camps I felt really good about the decisions and it was coming much easier to me.

TomSkinsFan These guys fly in from all over the country (including Stephan) to come to one home game a year and HogFest. It would make their year to meet you after that game. What do you think?

Patrick Ramsey You'll have to contact the Redskins (ask for Pat Wixted). I would love to, but we'll see. Give them a call at 703-726-7000.

LC37 Pat: Why aren't you playing golf today, man?! You could have some real grudge matches with Coach Spurrier! My father-in-law is from Monroe, LA..says there's a good rivalry against folks from Ruston (he's a Cowboys fan so he's a bit strange as it is!) Good luck this year!

Patrick Ramsey Because I worked out and I'm playing golf in about 30 minutes! I have nothing bad to say against Monroe. That's where we would go when we wanted to do something fun.

Patrick Ramsey I've got time for two more questions! Thanks

Doggmatica Patrick, being from the south and all, how do you deal with playing in the cold? Let's say if you had to whoop up on Green Bay AT Green Bay in the NFC Championship one year?

Patrick Ramsey When you get in the game and things start flowing. But at first it was an adjustment. The ball is dryer and I might have to try the gloves tom brady and Danny used. I'm open to wahtever will make me play well. But the cold has never bothered me.

Patrick Ramsey And it hasn't bothered Brett Favre.

mikeb5 Patrick I read you talked to Peyton Manning, what type of insight did he offer you?

Patrick Ramsey He does a really good job of relating it to the stage of my career that I'm in. Peyton is a great guy to bounce things off of and who has been where I am and is where I want to be one day. One thing Peyton preaches is preparation and that's something I've caught onto this year. Preparation is the key.

stephan Patrick thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with the fans. We all really appreciate it. This has really meant a lot to alot of dedicated folks here.

Patrick Ramsey Thanks for the questions. I look forward to seeing you at camp. If you need more info, My PR people have asked you to call 703-726-7000. Thanks for your support.

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