Redskins react: Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins

The Redskins' head coach and quarterback spoke following Monday night loss to the Cowboys.

Per usual, it was a podium game for coach Jay Gruden and quarterback Kirk Cousins after the Redskis 19-16 loss to the Cowboys.

Gruden on:

On the frustration of not being able to take sole possession of the NFC East:

“Yeah, it is frustrating. I think guys played hard obviously. We just had some unforced errors with the penalties. Hats off to Dallas, Coach Garrett had them ready to play and they played better than us. It is frustrating. We had a chance to take a lead. But now we’re starting the fourth quarter of our season. Go to Chicago and we’ve just got to turn the page and move on.”

On need to put together back-to-back wins:

"Consistency, absolutely. That’s something we have not been able to do. We’ve shown flashes – good quarters, good games here and there. The great teams, the ones that advance in the playoffs and win Super Bowls, are consistent and we have not been. That’s something that is a challenge for us as a coaching staff and players. We have to find a way to put back-to-back wins together and obviously win on the road.” 

Cousins on:

On the final few minutes of the game:

"I think that rollercoaster is what the NFL is like week-in and week-out. That’s why it is such a special league and why there is such an attention on the games because of how exciting and you never know what is going to happen down the stretch. The margin for error in this league is so small. You know if you leave any time on the clock in this league anything can happen. It was a rollercoaster but again as a quarterback and player in this league I think it’s important to stay steady throughout no matter what stretch of things are going and just stay boring and consistent and that typically leads to best results.” 

On the offense:

“I think the points on the scoreboard weren’t what we wanted. I thought we did do some good things on offense and moved the football at times but penalties set us back. Speaking off the top of my head not having watched it yet, it felt like the penalties that put us in long-yardage situations, we had a hard time overcoming. But when we stayed in manageable third downs or manageable first and second downs, we were able to stay on the field and move the football and got into field goal range several times but couldn’t continue the drive. It was those times when you weren’t able to stay on the field in field goal range that we look back and we’ll be tough on ourselves and think ‘How can we be better moving forward?’ But I think a lot of those were penalties that made it tough.” 

On if he gained something positive from the last two minutes:

"I love that question because you’re thinking positive, and that’s the way we need to think around here. There is something positive to take from that. The results-based business, the result wasn’t what we wanted but in the process we did some good things. We can build on that and start to create something long term that could be pretty special if we continue to find ways to plan and give good effort. I appreciate that question and thank you for staying positive."

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