Redskins-Bears: The Super Inconsistency Bowl

The Redskins cannot win two games straight and the Bears just lost to Blaine Gabbert. Talib Babb tries making sense of the weirdness

Matt Cassel led the Dallas Cowboys on a game-winning drive, in a primetime game, on the road to end the Redskins five-game home winning streak. 

That was the ending you stayed up past your bedtime and went to work slightly groggy-eyed for. Just let that sink in. Sorry to remind you about that, but it happened. That was Cassel’s first win as a starter since September 7, 2014. He’s been on two different teams since then. The Redskins boosted Cassel's confidence. Tisk, tisk, tisk. 

 Not only that, now the Redskins have cracked open the broken door that leads to NFC East title even more. That broken squeaky door with the loose knob probably won’t close until Week 17, which seems to be happening frequently in the division. 

 What doesn’t happen frequently is the Redskins winning consecutive games. So good news, since they lost, expect Jay Gruden and company to bounce back with a win?

But bad news, they have won only one road game in the past two seasons. 

Luckily, the team they are playing is just as inconsistent if not more. The Chicago Bears recently beat Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on the road then lost to Blaine Gabbert's San Francisco 49ers at home. 

Their fans sound like they deal with "why can't my team just do what their supposed to" syndrome which is what fans of the Burgundy and Gold have been struggling with for the past two decades.

This is one of those games where whoever Vegas has favored will more than likely lose but expectations are just too overwhelming for them. 

And I got more good news Redskins fans, the Bears are favored by 3 points! That mean the Bears will have to live up to expectations and the Redskins won't! The Redskins don't have to fall short of expectations!

Put it like this, if Matt Schaub is the King of Pick-Sixes, Jay Cutler has got to be somewhere in the Royal Family. He's thrown three of them this year and even hurt himself trying to make a tackle on one. At least Schaub can doesn’t hurt himself when he makes mistakes.

None of us can tell if Cutler just doesn't care or is sleepy but his face never changes and that alone means that Kirk Cousins should win that position battle. 

Here are some stats that probably don't matter, but could be used if you didn't prepare a speech for the wedding your attending:

- Washington leads the all-time series 24-23-1

- The Redskins have won the last five meetings

- The last seven meetings have been decided by at eight points or less

- Alfred Morris, who obviously has had no success doing anything with the ball this season, has 31 less carries than Bears running back Matt Forte, who missed 3 games due to injury

- Cousins finally went two games without throwing an interception this week, while Cutler has still yet to do so this season

Looking around the comical NFC East, the Cowboys take a trip to Lambeau Field where nobody still can tell if Dez Bryant really caught the ball or not. The Eagles host the Buffalo Bills in the return of LeSean McCoy, while the Giants take a trip to Miami to play the Dolphins on Monday Night. No matter the outcomes, the Skins would still be in decent shape.

I don’t know what will really happen, but I can tell you that Jay Cutler will look cooler on the sideline than Kirk Cousins will.

I don’t know what will really happen, but I can tell you that after watching Monday night, DeSean Jackson is no Devin Hester.

I don’t know what will really happen, but I can tell you that the outcome of this game will painfully ruin a few bets in Vegas.

The Redskins still have the power to punch their own ticket to the playoffs. If they want to make a run, it must begin Sunday against Da Bears.

Talib Babb is a freelancer for, producer for 106.7 The Fan, stand-up comic and Maryland native. You can find him on Twitter @talibbabb.

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