Redskins injury update: Hurting Hatcher

The latest from Redskins Park on Jason Hatcher, Chris Thompson, Derek Carrier and more.

ASHBURN -- The latest from Redskins Park, including Breaking Burgundy's reaction to the latest injury news. Also head coach Jay Gruden on:

Jason Hatcherwho is dealing with a pinched nerve in his neck and an ankle injury: "We’re going to wait a little bit on Hatch. We’re still optimistic about it, but if not, we have a couple guys on the practice squad we can possibly bring up. We can dress five defensive linemen and go from there.”

The pass rush:

“Well, when you’re talking about satisfaction, when you’re 5-7, there’s not a lot. You know you’re never really satisfied as a coach. You’re always going to demand more… Our run defense has been good as of late, but our pass rush, I think we can get better. I think [Jason] Hatcher has shown flashes of being a good pass rusher, had some good rushes. I think Ricky [Jean Francois] had some good rushes last week. Obviously, I think Preston [Smith] did some good things. But as a group, we do have to get better. In order to get better, we need to get more third down and mediums to longs so we can really tee off and rush. But overall, I’m pleased with the way our defense is playing but there are areas of the game we need to improve and pass rush is probably one of them.”

On his level of optimism for RB Chris Thompson on Sunday:

“That’s a tough one. My level of optimism is not very high with him right now. Hopefully his pain and the range of motion gets better as the week progresses and there’s a chance he could play but that’s a concern.”


On the team’s depth at the running back position:

“Well, [Running Backs Coach] Randy Jordan played halfback for a little while [laughter]. We have Christine Michael on the practice squad. We just signed Mack Brown to the practice squad. We might have a couple more options possibly, but if not, we still have Matt [Jones] and obviously Alfred [Morris] and DY [Darrel Young] has actually done some third-down stuff also.”

* The team later officially announced Brown's addition to the practice squad.

TE Derek Carrier, who missed Monday's game with an ankle injury:

“He did good today. He looked good today. He ran around pretty well so I feel positive. We still have one more good day of practice but he felt good today. We’ll see how he does tomorrow morning with all the work and see if it swells up or not.”

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