Breaking Burgundy goes One-on-one with Redskins DB DeAngelo Hall

The veteran defensive talks with Breaking Burgundy about the Bears, James Harden's beard, and whether like Troy Aikman he dwells in the past

ASHBURN -- Breaking Burgundy publisher Ben Standig caught up with Redskins cornerback-turned-safety DeAngelo Hall at Redskins Park this week on a variety of topics including the upcoming challenge of defending Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery, which types of receivers he prefers covering, whether James Harden sports the better beard and if ever dwells in the past about his last game in Chicago....

Breaking Burgundy: You guys have already faced plenty of interesting wide receivers this season, including Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham. What's the unique challenge with defending Alshon Jeffery?

DeAngelo Hall: I think Alshon is a top receiver. I wouldn't say what's different with him. He possesses the same ability as Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham as far as just playmaking ability. He's a bigger guy so he's able to do things as far as downfield jump balls. I don't think there is a big difference between him and a lot of those other guys. He's a damn good receiver. He's a Pro Bowl player.

BB: Let me go with a general DB vs. WR question. What's the bigger challenge for you: a quick, shifty wide receiver like Antonio Brown or DeSean Jackson, or a huge target like Jeffery or Calvin Johnson?

DH: I think they all possess different qualities, strengths and weaknesses. A guy like me might like a bigger guy. A guy like [Bashaud Breeland] might like a smaller guy. Each corner is a little different as far as covering a guy, what they're comfortable with. I always liked going against bigger guys as a corner because I wasn't too worried about them out-physicaling (sic) me. I always kind of think of myself as a pretty physical corner. Loved going against bigger guys. Not saying I didn't like the little guys too, but they possess a different challenge. Nine out of 10 times they're quicker, even faster down field, getting in and out of breaks faster.

Alshon is a good receiver, but we've seen some things in his game that we feel like we can hone in on and try to make a play.

BB: I covered the Wizards game [Wednesday night] and spoke with James Harden postgame in the Houston Rockets locker room postgame. Who's got the better beard, you or Harden?

DH: Probably him right now. Mine is a little scruffy now. His has been going for a while. He's got it going strong, ha! He's winning that category without a doubt.

BB: There's that Troy Aikman commercial where he utters the line "I don't like to dwell in the past." So, do you ever dwell in the past about that time you had four interceptions in 2010 against Jay Cutler and the Bears?

DH: Not much. It kind of comes up every time we play Chicago. But this is my first time playing in Chicago after that. I'm sure a lot of Bears fans probably remember it. You try not to dwell on it. As a corner, you have to have a short memory. Good things or bad things, they kind of come and go.

I think about it sometimes. Obviously anytime you're successful against a guy you always feel like you can kind of figure him out. My position will be a little different this time. I won't be out there playing corner, covering receivers, trying to shut guys down. I'll be more playing free safety, trying to read the quarterback, trying to make some plays. Hopefully I can possess those same skills to try and get the ball and get the win.

BB: On the flight for away games, what's your plan? 

DH: It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes I'm talking to the guys, sometimes I'm reading, sometimes I'm listening to music. I don't really have a set routine. I've tried not to have a set routine. I don't want to not have something whether it's a book I want to read all the time or my IPod if I listen to music all the time and just feel like I'm totally out of it if I don't have that one thing. Ever since I've been in the league I've tried to mix it up. I have no specific routine I try to stick to because I would hate to not have that thing one time and feel like oh my goodness.

BB: Any of your teammates you definitely do not want to sit next to on the plane?

DH: Maybe Bake [Chris Baker]. Bake's a little loud [laughs]. I might be trying to rest. It just depends. But nah, not really. No teammates I wouldn't want sitting beside me. Right now I sit besides DGolds [Dashon Goldson]. We sit beside each other. Behind us is Trent [Williams] and DJax [DeSean Goldson].  We do a lot of turning around and talking to them dudes. 

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