Camp Report Summary - Day 1

Wanna find out what happened on the first day of camp? Who was hot and who was not? We have all the details here for you.

. . Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, coming off a torn ACL, participated in both practice sessions. Trotter can't wait to prove himself after a disappointing first season in Washington.

It helps that his role will be tweaked by coordinator George Edwards.

''He'll let me play my style of game,'' Trotter said, ''which is playing downhill and attacking. Last year we did a lot of movement with the linemen and when you do that the linebackers have to sit back and be patient. My game is attacking downhill and dictating to the offense where they're going to go.''

. . . One thing you won't see linebacker LaVar Arrington do this preseason: rush the passer from the end spot. Defensive line coach Robert Nunn said, ''We'll leave him at linebacker and let him rush there. If something changes then we'd have to move him back over there, but not now.''

. . . Look for the Dan Wilkinson situation to be resolved by the Tuesday morning practice. Redskins director of football operations Vinny Cerrato said, ''It will not linger. . . .This will not be a distraction.''

The Redskins have wanted Wilkinson to reduce his salary of $3.5 million. He only wants to lower his cap number if his money stays about the same. The five-day waiting period to deal with his new agent, Brig Owens, was waived by his old one, George Mavrikes, helping speed things up.

Wilkinson said, ''I wouldn't say I'm confident, 'ut I'm hopeful something will get done. I know what it will take to get this done and moved on. Other than that I don't put any extra thought into it. It's unfortunate that here it's time to rock and roll and my teammates are counting on me to be out there to support them and I'm not able to do that.

''These are the times when the team pulls close because you're out there going through the pain and suffering together and you grow together that way. Unfortunately this business takes a lot of odd turns.''

. . . And don't start panicking over Champ Bailey's situation. Cerrato said the Redskins want him back and plan to re-sign him. They just have other pressing matters first. But they must be careful about alienating a very prideful player.

''This is highly unusual when you're dealing with a core player,'' Bailey's agent, Jack Reale said. ''We've had no contact whatsoever.''

. . . Offensive line coach Kim Helton loves pushing his players, stars or not. His big focus today: keeping the eyes up and the elbows in. At one point, he shouted at tackle Chris Samuels, ''Come on Chris, dammit! You're a lot better than that!''

. . . Greg Scott has been moved from end to defensive tackle after bulking up to 293 pounds. He's noticeably bigger, particularly in the upper body, after adding approximately 20 pounds. Scott could always return to end, but for now he's staying at tackle, preferably at Wilkinson's spot and not over the center. During one-on-one drills, Scott easily whipped past backup center Wilbert Brown. But, when facing guard Randy Thomas, he was stopped with no problem.

''The more you can do the longer you can stick around,'' said Scott, entering his second year. ''It's a big adjustment, but everything in the NFL is.''

. . . Never a good sign: During a running backs drill in which two trash cans are used and the player must cut off them, fullback Thad Buttone instead crashed into one. He's a longshot to make the roster.

. . . The name we keep hearing favorable things about is defensive tackle Bernard Jackson.

. . . Running back Trung Canidate had the first carry in a nine-on-nine drill and showed a nice burst through the hole. On the next play, Kenny Watson was popped by safety Matt Bowen, but stayed on his feet. Canidate did drop one pass when he turned too quickly upfield. He was only an adequate receiver in St. Louis.

. . . Safety David Terrell worked with the first defense alongside Bowen.

. . . Rod Jones was Samuels' backup at left tackle, but still looks sluggish.

. . . Rookie lineman Derrick Dockery showed his versatility today. He lined up at right guard and right tackle. Scott zipped inside him on one play. Another time, working with the first unit, Dockery allowed linebacker Antonio Pierce to get through his hole. Dockery looks slow, but the guess is that stems from having to think too much. When he gets comfortable, he could be fun to watch.

. . . Punter Brent Bartholomew boomed a number of punts in the afternoon. But he's still way too inconsistent for our liking. Plus Bryan Barker gets off his punts a half step quicker. That makes a huge difference.

. . . Not a big fan of quarterback Rob Johnson. Too indecisive, a trait he showed this afternoon. For what it's worth, he also winds up when he throws a pass. Coach Steve Spurrier likes his quarterbacks to deliver the ball from their ears.

. . . Best throw of the day: Patrick Ramsey to rookie Taylor Jacobs down the left side of the field, beating a zone. Next play: Johnson hit Pat Woodcock on the right side, also against a zone. Woodcock keeps making plays. Pay attention to him.

. . .After linebacker Lemar Marshall drilled tight end Leonard Stephens on a pass play, fellow linebacker LaVar Arrington came racing onto the field shouting, ''ooooh; oooh!'' He jumped up and down and started shouting at Stephens. Arrington is nothing if not energetic.

. . . Ramsey was much sharper in the afternoon than in the morning. I'm not worried about him.

. . . Here's why the Redskins must re-sign CB Champ Bailey. On successive plays, receiver Laveranues Coles lined up against Bailey and then Fred Smoot. Bailey bumped Coles off his route, leading to an incomplete pass. Coles raced past Smoot for a long catch down the left sideline.


. . . DE Ladairis Jackson was limited in the morning and did not practice in the afternoon.

. . . CB Lloyd Harrison will be sidelined until early September after his June surgery to repair a ruptured bicep tendon, which he suffered lifting weights.

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