The Morning Report Day 2

Day two is well under way. In this report we bring you the latest updates from camp, including injuries, performance, analysis, some quotes and some notes. Also you should be aware that Big Daddy is still at camp but note that there has been no resolution. Read on for more Redskins camp information.

. . . Reserve linebacker Kevin Mitchell limped off the field and was carted off, then transported to a local hospital this morning. Don't know yet what his injury was, but at one point he appeared to be a groin problem. Stay tuned.

. . . Want to know what kicker and punters and their coaches talk about while the rest of the team works out? Here's a taste. As I walked past kicker John Hall, punters Bryan Barker and Brent Bartholomew and special teams coach Mike Stock, this is what I heard from Barker: ''The sesame chicken rolls are great.'' Then they started talking about Barker's home in the Florida Keys.

. . . Longshot defensive end Jonathan Brown earned the wrath of assistant line coach Ken Clarke. At one point during a drill in which the ends had to shoot past a sled, Clarke shouted, ''Is that as hard as you can go?!''

Clarke later chided end Peppi Zellner for a sloppy finish in another drill.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington playfully put coordinator George Edwards in a headlock at one point during practice. When asked later if he would have done that to Marvin Lewis, Arrington said, ''It would have been a real one.''

. . . Guard Tre Johnson sat out practice because of a sore Achilles.

. . . Clarke worked with the linemen on exploding out of their stance and their hand placement. He emphasized where they should be looking as well. Where should the hands be? Chest level, inside the shoulders. He also kept telling players, especially tackle Bernard Holsey, not to lead with their heads when the ball is snapped.

And if the linemen get moved out of position, Clarke worked with them on how to recover. His teaching point: ''Fight the pressure, drop your ass and shuffle your feet to get him turned back.''

. . . The more I see of running back Ladell Betts the more I like him. He's the best inside runner on the team. On his first carry this morning, he broke a tackle and kept going, leading running backs coach Hue Jackson to shout, ''Yes! Yes!'' Betts is built low to the ground and constantly leans forward when he gets hit.

Trung Canidate, who has the speed, doesn't have that power. He sometimes seems too easy to bring down. Another back, Kenny Watson, also is capable of breaking more tackles than Canidate. But no one can duplicate his speed.

. . . I can't picture Derrick Dockery winning a starting job at guard. Not this year. He's thinking too much and needs more work on his fundamentals. First-year defensive end Mike Cecere drilled Dockery backward in a one-on-one drill. Dockery also looks better suited for guard. After the play, line coach Kim Helton worked with Dockery on staying lower.

. . . Receiver Cliff Russell caught two passes today in which he was leveled immediately afterward. He hung on both times.

. . . Don't like what I've seen of corner Alex Molden thus far. On one route, receiver Sean Dillard lined up in the slot with Molden in man coverage. Dillard ran a crossing route and was open by five yards for an easy catch. Later, receiver Patrick Johnson raced past Molden on a go route.

. . . Backup guard Lennie Friedman is getting knocked around too easily.

. . . Quarterback Patrick Ramsey had his moments. On one play, he stepped up against the rush and delivered a strike to receiver Laveranues Coles. Another time he nailed rookie wideout Taylor Jacobs in stride for a long gain against corner Rashad Bauman. Bauman later defended a pass to receiver Rod Gardner, coming through the inside on a poorly thrown ball.

. . . Corner Champ Bailey once again covered Coles with no problem, jamming him on an inside route.

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