The Morning Report - Day 3

Day three is well under way. In this report we bring you the latest updates from camp, including injuries, performance, analysis, some quotes and some notes. Safety Matt Bowen provided the best hit of training camp this morning. Then he was told not to do it again. Read on for more Redskins camp information.

Running back Trung Canidate raced up the right sideline on a draw. Bowen, running to his left, collided into Canidate, drilling him to the ground and drawing lots of oooohs and aaaahs from the crowd. And his defensive mates.

But he also drew words from coach Steve Spurrier, who told him not to do that again. Bowen understood.

''There's no way I would intentionally put him on the ground,'' Bowen said. ''We're good friends--we came into St. Louis together. But it's football and physics. We're both running fast.''

Canidate shrugged it off, calling it no big deal. But Bowen did pay attention to the words. On the next play, quarterback Patrick Ramsey threw a pass to receiver Laveranues Coles, running an out route. Bowen had a clean shot at Coles, who was turned around.

But Bowen pulled up.

''That would have been horrible,'' he said. ''We need Laveranues Coles to win games.''

. . . Bowen was involved in another highlight, too. He intercepted a pass that bounced high off receiver Laveranues Coles. Bowen blindly flipped the ball backward and it bounced into Fred Smoot's arms.

. . . One thing I'm anxious to see: Bowen blitz. He lined up off the edge this morning--not walking up, but playing as a linebacker--and blitzed Patrick Ramsey. I like Bowen in this role and it's something the Redskins haven't had in a while. David Terrell is a poor blitzer because he doesn't go hard enough. And Sam Shade was adequate, but not fast enough.

Bowen has the speed to come off the edge and the toughness to fight through traffic. Plus he watched Darren Sharper blitz successfully in Green Bay and took mental notes.

''Sometimes the hole isn't there and you've gotta make one,'' Bowen said. ''It's a craft.''

. . . Quarterback Patrick Ramsey wasn't sharp this morning, missing on too many passes particularly over the middle. Spurrier wasn't pleased with the offense, either.

. . . Corner Rashad Bauman intercepted a deep Ramsey pass meant for Taylor Jacobs. But give Jacobs credit for not quitting on the play. As Bauman ran upfield, Jacobs raced up from behind and stripped him of the ball as he tackled him.

. . . The running backs worked on blocking this morning, focusing on picking up blitzers. Running backs coach Hue Jackson stressed footwork. Kenny Watson does a good job in this area; Chad Morton looked good, too.

. . . Tackle Rod Jones sprained a foot this morning during an 11-on-11 drill. He sat out the rest of practice. I can't imagine that Jones can help this team. We'll see.

. . . Guard Lennie Friedman seems to get beat too much during practice.

. . . Defensive tackle Greg Scott buried first-year lineman Pat Downey in a one-on-one drill, leading some defensive lineman to hoop and holler. Guard Randy Thomas shouted at the defensive linemen, ''He's got a big old bottom, dog!'' In other words Scott has a big backside.

. . . Running back Ladell Betts missed practice because of a sprained left elbow. . . Guard Tre Johnson sat out again because of his sore Achilles and rode the stationary bike for part of practice. . . End Bruce Smith also did not practice.

. . . Leftover from yesterday: Redskins coach Steve Spurrier once again botched defensive tackle Brandon Noble's name. Spurrier was talking about the tackles and mentioned Jermaine Haley's name. Then he started to say Brendan . . . and couldn't think of the last name. Finally, a reporter told him.

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