Camp Report Summary - Day 3

Redskins legendary quarterback Sonny Jurgensen called Chad Morton over to the sidelines this morning and had a question. ''Hey, Chad,'' Sonny said, ''are you taller than Rock?'' Morton just said, ''Oh, man,'' then turned and left. But it is debatable whether or not Rock Cartwright or Morton is taller.

It doesn't matter. Morton has looked good coming out of the backfield and is very slippery. He also thinks his size (listed at 5-foot-8, but probably an inch smaller) will help him on certain plays, such as draws. He gets lost behind his offensive linemen, giving him an extra second to cut away from defenders.

But Morton also has a feisty attitude. At one point during a drill, he asked out loud, ''Can't we get some rookies to do this?'' It'll serve him well.

. . . Redskins quarterback Rob Johnson calls Taylor Jacobs the best rookie route-runner he's ever been in camp with. Our prediction: Jacobs will be a solid contributor. He's fast and knows the system. But he also doesn't have to be a No. 1 or 2 receiver. And as a No. 3, he'll be good.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington provided those in attendance with a startle this afternoon. He tumbled to the ground after getting stepped on and appeared to be in serious pain. Then after limping around, he was carted off the field. Turns out he was fine and only has a sore big left toe.

. . .Corner Champ Bailey is encouraged that the Redskins finally called his agent, Jack Reale, on Tuesday night.

''I don't know if it's because of what I said, but at least they initiated it and that tells me something,'' Bailey said.

. . . Got a restaurant recommendation for Randy Thomas? He'd love to hear it. The man loves to eat, maybe more than anything else. But he misses New York's restaurants and is desperate to find a good Chinese food buffet in the area. So far he's failed.

Don't treat him, however. Even tackle Chris Samuels is amazed at how much Thomas can eat.

''We'd go to a buffet and I'd eat two plates and be full,'' Samuels said. ''He'd eat four or five plates.''

. . . Steve Spurrier can't escape the Gators. The Florida media guide apparently featured a crocodile instead of an alligator and a few media members kept asking questions about it. Finally, Spurrier said, ''Don't we have any questions about the Redskins?''

. . . Injury report: Corner Fred Smoot and end Ladairis Jackson both were held out of the afternoon practice for heat-related symptoms. Both were taken to Loudoun County Hospital last night to get intravenous fluids. . . Corner Rashad Bauman (sprained left shoulder) did not practice in the afternoon and is expected to miss today as well. Running back Ladell Betts (sprained left elbow) did not practice Wednesday and will miss today, too. Guard Tre Johnson (Achilles) missed practice and is listed as day-to-day. Guard Rod Jones (sprained ankle/turf toe) missed the afternoon practice and will sit out today. Linebacker Kevin Mitchell (sprained right thumb) will practice today.. . . .Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter sat out the afternoon practice, resting his right knee.

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