Some Redskins not exactly missing snowzilla

Alex Ovechkin and other local athletes are still local which means dealing with epic snow while many Redskins are cool watching from distance.

D.C. sports fans shared a feel-good moment with Capitals’ superstar Alex Ovechkin when a news crew happened to spot him gassing up Friday evening in the early stages of Winter Storm Jonas. The purpose of his last-minute trip to the gas station, he explained, was to ensure that he had enough fuel for his snowplow to not only clear his own driveway but also those of his neighbors.


“Nothing to do anyway,” said Ovechkin, causing dads everywhere to point at the screen and say: Now that's a role model, son.


Though both games were ultimately postponed, Ovechkin’s presence in the area was necessitated by the fact that the Capitals were supposed to play Friday and Sunday. Nearly two weeks into their offseason, Redskins personnel had ample opportunity to leave the area before the storm hit. Wide receiver Pierre Garcon and cornerback Chris Culliver did just that.


As the blizzard continued to dump snow across the district and its surrounding areas, Garcon and Culliver decided to post pictures of their respective locales—both of which happened to feature palm-tree backdrops—on Instagram. Garcon expressed his disappointment with the 60-degree weather he was experiencing.


Culliver, meanwhile, used a series of laughing emojis along with a picture of him standing before an ocean view to rub it in. 

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