Knighton, Baker provide honest takes on AFC Championship game

Everyone watched the AFC Championship game including two Redskins from Connecticut, But did the New Englanders root for the Patriots or Broncos or...?

Terrance Knighton spent two seasons with the Denver Broncos before joining the Washington Redskins in 2015. That means that "Pot Roast" was (surely) rooting for his friends still playing for the Mile High city team and therefore happy with Denver advancing to the Super Bowl with ts 20-18 win over New England.

Yet with the game close and Tom Brady driving the Patriots toward a potential tying score, Knighton showed which side he's rooting for the most: His own. 

Knighton's response to a question posed by Vikings defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd.

That's an honest and humourous tweet. Knighton could stay with the Redskins, but if not, 31 other teams might be interested. No point in upsetting any of them. 

Then again, after the Patriots' two-point conversion failed and the Broncos sealed the win, Knighton let out the happy.

As for his fellow Connecticut native -- and therefore fellow New Englander --, Chris Baker made it quite clear how felt about the Patriots quarterback.

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