The Morning Report - Day 4

Day four is passing quickly. In this report we bring you the latest updates from camp, including injuries, performance, analysis, some quotes and some notes. Safety Ifeanyi Ohalete drilled tight end Robert Royal on another play. And safety Todd Franz threw Sultan McCullough to the ground on another play, much to the chagrin of secondary coach George Catavalos. Read on for more Redskins camp information.

. . . More defensive no-no's: Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter shoved quarterback Patrick Ramsey out of bounds as the QB rolled around right end on a pass play from the 10-yard line. Coach Steve Spurrier walked over to Trotter, smiled and shook his head and told him not to do it again.

One play earlier, Trotter stuck fullback Rock Cartwright on a running play.

Safety Ifeanyi Ohalete drilled tight end Robert Royal on another play. And safety Todd Franz threw Sultan McCullough to the ground on another play, much to the chagrin of secondary coach George Catavalos.

These guys are ready to face another team.

. . . Derrick Dockery worked as the blocking tight end in a goal-line situation a few times. Once, he buried end Renaldo Wynn.

. . . Wynn lined up at tackle on a running play. Once again Dockery made the block.

. . . The Redskins ran sprints down and back the width of the field today. Jon Jansen and Dave Fiore finished first and second among all defensive and offensive linemen each time they ran. Each unit ran down and back four times. Jansen sprinted hard each time.

. . . Running back Ladell Betts sat out this morning again. Though he's listed as day to day, you get the feeling it could be another week or so, though no one has said anything like that yet.

. . . I like receiver Patrick Woodcock. He runs good routes and has excellent hands. He barely got inside corner Fred Booker on one route and grabbed a 20-yard pass. Had Woodcock been around last summer, he probably would have made the final roster. This year he's a longshot. But a fun longshot to watch. And you Redskins historians should note this: he wears the same number as another former Redskins longshot receiver Mark Stock (18).

. . . The Redskins running backs worked on goal-line running during one drill this morning. First they must run through two tackling dummies then, a step later they run onto a wet mat where two more tackling dummies stand. Running backs coach Hue Jackson would constantly remind them what he wanted. And he didn't want to see them run straight through. He wanted to see them turn their shoulder into the second wave of bags.

''I want to see you turn and slice through,'' Jackson would say. ''Here's the crease and we're trying to fall into the end zone.''

. . . The Redskins worked on a hard count this morning, leading to several false starts and offsides penalty. They had officials working in practice for the first time this summer.

. . . Rush of the day: linebacker LaVar Arrington easily knocked tight end Zeron Flemister to the ground, raced to quarterback Patrick Ramsey and stripped him of the ball.

. . . On Wednesday, guard Randy Thomas talked about how fans would see receiver Laveranues Coles make great leaping catches. We saw one Thursday. Coles ran a deep route down the right side against corner Champ Bailey. Coles wasn't open, but didn't need to be. He leapt high and hauled in Ramsey's pass, much to the delight of the crowd.

. . . Bernard Jackson worked with the first string defensive line today in Big Daddy's old spot. It appears the Redskins will give each guy a chance to work with the first string so they can get a good look at them. Jackson faced Thomas and didn't generate much push.

. . .I love watching safety Matt Bowen work down in the box. Did it again today and stuffed a run.

. . . I have strong doubts about running back Trung Canidate. Doesn't always run like a running back. But the man is fast. He turned the corner on one play and safety Andre Lott had the angle. But Canidate kept running and Lott couldn't come close.

. . .Lott made two nice plays today, once stripping tight end Leonard Stephens of the ball. Later he intercepted a tipped pass off the hands of fullback Bryan Johnson.

. . . Rookie quarterback Gibran Hamdan struggled again. But he's a project so it hardly matters how he looks right now.

. . . Coaches weren't pleased with the offense this morning. At one point Hue Jackson barked at the offense as they walked to the line of scrimmage, ''Get back in the fricking huddle!''

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