Kirk Cousins sees the world

The Redskins quarterback is racking up the freequent flyer miles over the last few days. We have the photographic proof.

When it comes to the last week, it's been the opposite of the movie "Grounhog Day" for Kirk Cousins.

Not so long ago, certainly before he created the "You like that" phenomenom, few outside of Ashburn, Virginia and East Lansing, Michigan showed much interest in the Washington Redskins' fourth-year quarterback. Then Cousins' star took over the second half of the season as he helped the Redskins win the NFC East title. Now people and corporations want a piece of the 2016 free agent. Since last Wednesday he has...

Met fans at the D.C. auto show

Yes, the stubble Cousins sported during the season is gone and he looks much, much younger clean shaven.

Next,headed to San Francisco with wife, Julie

Then flew back east and jumped the pond for the start of Super Bowl week.

Reminder: The Redskins play in London next season. This explains the "16" Redskins jersey as oppossed to some weird exchange rate for uniforms.

Yes, we see the #ILikeThat hashtag and are aware he's not currently practicing his craft. It will be OK. Anyway, that's the updated travelogue for Captain Kirk. Not sure where Waldo, err, Cousins ends up next, but social media will let us know.

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