Kirk Cousins' star rises with comedic acting performance

Now we know why Kirk Cousins visited San Francisco: For yucks

Kirk Cousins proved he has a knack for timing in the pocket as he led the Redskins to their first NFC East division title since 2012. He also showed impeccable timing with the delivery of what would become his trademark catchphrase: “You like that?” Now, the 27-year-old is applying that timing to the comedic realm, and he’s surprisingly not bad.


Cousins teamed up with actor Ben Schwarz, best known for his role as Jean-Ralphio on Amy Poehler’s popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” in the most recent Super Bowl edition of Marriott’s “Courtyard Camera” webisode series. Schwarz leads Cousins on a factually inaccurate tour of major San Francisco landmarks. They visit Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge before riding in a cable car, at which point Schwarz's ulterior motive--to become Cousins' best friend--becomes apparent.

Admittedly, the webisode’s beginning leads one to believe it may be a slightly cringe-worthy attempt to capitalize on the catch phrase with Schwarz doing all the heavy comedic lifting. But as the scenes play out, Cousins is actually somewhat impressive.


The free-agent quarterback has always had a detectable sense of humor with both his teammates and reporters. However, he’s taken it to a new level of late, flashing a potential for comedy perhaps unleashed by his recent world travels. In addition to the appearance on "Courtyard Camera," Cousins killed it in a brief video of him standing in the streets of London and delivering Anglicized spinoffs of his catch phrase.

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