Redskins QB Kirk Cousins on RG3, Snyder, Redskins name

The Washington Redskins quarterback visited Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything"session. Some clear hot button topics came up.

When it comes to keeping up a presence, Kirk Cousins is keeping up with the Kardashian's these days. The Washington Redskins' quarterback latest endevor involved stopping by Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything"session. Questions covered a variety of topics, but three stood out: Robert Griffin III, team owner Daniel Snyder and the Redskins name. Those questions and Cousins' responses below.

How is the relationship between you and RG3? If he leaves the team, will you stay in contact?.

That's a great question. We have a very good relationship and it's been that way since day 1. I remember the first day we met, after the draft, getting to the hotel for rookie mini-camp and he was helping me with some cut-ups on his laptop, showing me plays and that kind of helped and our working relationship continued all the through for four years. Up until the very last week against the Packers, as we worked together to win that game.

Things change from year to year and I have no idea what's going to happen to my future or with Roberts, but I know he will be successful with whatever he does. He's very intelligent and a hard-worker and those two things carry you pretty far.

* The two entered the league together as rookies. After serving as backup for three seasons, Cousins took the starting job in 2015.  Despite the competitive situation, no public snipping between them.

Hey Kirk! In your last AMA you answered multiple challenging questions with a lot of candor. With that said, I’m curious to your thoughts on Dan Snyder as an owner? He’s often criticized by the media so I was interested in the thoughts of a player.

Great question! Nobody wants to win more than Mr. Snyder. I've been around him for 4 years now, and I've seen his passion for the game, and I've seen his frustration after losses in the locker room; I've seen how celebratory he is after wins. He really lives and dies with each game, and he's a true fan. I think that's what you want as a player, someone who cares about your team at the top, someone who cares about winning, and that's Mr. Snyder down to the core.

* If perception is reality, the perception is that Snyder needed convincing before coach jay Gruden could sit RGIII for Cousins this season. Whatever truly happened behind the scenes, Cousins ended up starting all 16 regular season games plus the playoff matchup with Green Bay despite some early rough patches.

Redskins as a team name, racist or nah?

Tough question. I guess the way I see it, it's my job to win football games. It's my job to control what I can control. It's my job to stay in my lane and do the best I can to be a quarterback who can win in this league. And that's hard enough for me to do already. And then there are other people who are paid very good salaries who have to make those tougher decisions at the top, and I let them stay in their lane and make those decisions. I don't tell them what logo should be on the helmet, or how our jerseys should look, or what color our pants should be that game. I just put on the pants they give me and go play. I would say the same is true of the other teammates.

* I'm not exactly sure how the participant, in this case Cousins, receives the questions. Can they pick and choose which ones to answer or, not? If yes, then it's interesting he tackled this topic even if he essentially punted on taking a clear stand.

* As for the other questions, one involved a certain catch phrase

How satisfying was it to watch Green Bay lose after Randall Cobb taunted you guys with a 'You like that?' chirp after the Wildcard game?

It's interesting that [Cobb] was able to make that connection, but thought it was funny and I took it as a compliment that our catchphrase reached all the way to the Green Bay Packers locker room and they lost the next week. It happens. NFL is up one week, down the next for all of us. It's funny, I've definitely gotten trash talked from other players who say, "You like that," to me after I get sacked, or a ball gets tipped at the line of scrimmage. "Hey Kirk, you like that?" So, it comes with the territory, it's all in good fun

Cousins was also asked how often he hears "You like that."

The "you like that" phrase continues to grow. I keep waiting for it to die off, but I keep hearing it and it's just kind of associated with me. While I was in London, it was explained to me that the striker from France, Thierry Henry, had a phrase that he used in a commercial where he said "va va voom," and it followed him his whole career. It will be interesting to see if "you like that" has a similar following in the years to come.

How many times in a day do I hear it? I'd be guessing 10, 10+. The reason is because people say the phrase so much. The fact that I was able to trademark it is kind of funny because everybody says it all the time as a serious question. So, you'll find you hear it a lot if you're listening for it.

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