More Cousins AMA: Captain Kirk picks his Spock and McCoy, pancakes or waffles,funniest teammate

More from Kirk Cousins' latest Reddit "Ask Me Anything" sessions including his (limited) knowledge of Star Trek, breakfast food, funny guys on the team.

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins spent part of his Thursday participating in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session. We already posted his thoughts on some buzzy topics including his relationship with Robert Griffin III, team owner Dan Snyder,  thoughts on the Redskins name and the growth of "You like that." Now some other highlghts:

If you're Captain Kirk, which of your teammates would you say are Spock and McCoy?

Unfortunately, I haven't seen much Star Trek. I understand the reference and I know different things about Star Trek, but didn't get into it, per say. What's funny is the Captain Kirk phrase has been used much more often with the Redskins than with Michigan State, and at Michigan State I was a three time captain. With the Redskins I was never officially a captain, so it's kind of funny how that works.

But I do enjoy the phrase. I think it's funny and it just goes to show how cool our fans are and how creative they are. It just puts a smile on my face every time I hear it or see it on a sign or a shirt. And again, why the playoff game was so special- during warm ups, just looking around in the stands and seeing the signs and costumes and the fans, I couldn't get enough of it. There was a guy on the sideline in a full flight suit with a helmet and everything, trying to make a play on the whole Captain Kirk thing. I appreciated that more than anybody, so keep it coming.

Yeah, Pierre Garcon. I call him “The Angry Haitian”, so when you use the words grumpy and cantankerous, I think of 88, but it's in a good way. I mean he is stubborn, but a fierce competitor. There is nobody you'd rather be stuck in a dark alley with than Pierre Garçon. When we literally had a fight against the Houston Texans during training camp, on the film afterwards, you could see Pierre buckling his chin strap, jogging towards the pile of people fighting like he was saddling up. It was awesome.

As far as someone who is logical, I think Kory Lichtensteiger, our center, is pretty logical. If things are done that are illogical, he'll voice his opinion.

How does your gameday routine differ on a day when the game is at 1:00 vs a 4:00 or primetime game? 

These are really good questions. I wish our DC Media would ask questions like this more often.

How does it differ?

There's a lot more time in the hotel room where I'm just sitting and twiddling my thumbs. It gets pretty annoying. Our schedule comes out at the beginning of the year and one of the first things I do is see how many 1 o'clock games we have because I want as many 1 o'clock games, as possible. But there's a catch there because the better of a team you are, the more you're going to have night games and 4:30 games and Monday night games. So, the more 1 o'clock games you have, you probably didn't have the best season the previous year. While, I like 1 o'clock games, if we want to go in the right direction as a team, I hope we have a lot of night games going forward.

For the later games, I just end up sitting in the hotel room and I watch some film on my iPad, I take notes and draw plays. I draw plays over and over in my journal until the whole page is just filled with chicken scratches of plays and then usually, my brain is just fried and it gets to a point where you've crammed everything in that you can cram. Then I turn on the TV and watch Netflix and watch an Office episode to kind of clear my head before I get on the bus and go to the stadium. So, there's a balance of preparation and just trusting it and resting.

* I'm going to ignore the jab at the media in part because some questions are inane.

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Hey Kirk, in your honest opinion who is the funniest player in the Redskins locker room? And maybe a story about something funny they did?

Oh I love that. u/dannyboy15, it used to be Stephen Bowen, he was far and away the funniest guy on our team, but now he's on the NY Jets. Tom Compton, who is the reserve offensive lineman for us. You may have heard him mentioned many times in games where they would say number 68 is now eligible. He is the funniest guy in my opinion because he's got some subtle humor.

* Love that those "is now eligible" mentions is how Cousins identified the tackle/tight end. 

Spencer Long is really funny. He kind of came out of his shell this year. He was a rookie last year and was pretty quiet, but this year he came out of his shell. He started singing songs on the plane as we would travel. He would sing songs to the tune of "Walking in Memphis" but he would change the words every week to whatever was going on, and he did it in a way that we would all laugh. I guess it's kind of an inside joke, but it was a lot of fun.

* Interesting choice by Cousins. The second-year guard, while always cordial and gracious with his time during our interactions, didn't strike me as the outgoing. Quiet, sure. Comedic singer, no. That Long progressed as the season went along also makes the "came out of his shell" comment more pertinent. 

* The following items have been trimmed for space and such

Biggest rival? "The Cowboys are our rival."

Waffles or pancakes? "Good pancakes beat good waffles everyday."

What led to your improvememt this season? "I think just that general quote/un-quote "experience" helped quite a bit. Having Jordan Reed and DeSean Jackson fully healthy for the second half of the season made a big difference. And I think our coaches, as the season went on, had a good understanding of what I needed to be successful, and as a result I think I played much better as that got figured out."

Favorite football moment from the past season? "I think the fact that on the day after Christmas, we won the NFC East in a very well-played game and we won at the Eagles. ... I said that it was probably the most satisfied I've felt as a football player and I would probably still stand by that comment now."

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