The Morning Report - Day 5

Day five. In this report we bring you the latest updates from camp, including injuries, performance, analysis, some quotes and some notes. Dockery still doesn't look ready to be an immediate contributor. He got shoved back pretty easily on a rush by end Jonathan Brown. Read on for all the latest happenings.

. . . Bubba Tyer's retirement means a resident storyteller is leaving. There's nothing better than sitting on the sidelines with Tyer during a training camp workout and listening to his tales.

Here's one: Tyer used to get annoyed that then-line coach Russ Grimm would chew tobacco. Every time a new case arrived for Grimm, Tyer would swipe a few and hide them. One time he hid the whole thing. Grimm had had enough. He walked into the trainer's room, picked up Tyer and dumped him into the whirlpool.

Tyer wanted to get back at him. So, during practice that day, he got some of Grimm's clothes--including his 5 o'clock club hat and some boots--from his locker and carried them outside, dumping them in a pile at the edge of one of the fields. He waved to Grimm, about 50-60 yards away. Then he took lighter fluid, doused the clothes in it and lit the pile on fire as Grimm, realizing what was happening, went nuts.

It was all caught on tape. Before the next game, then-coach Norv Turner wanted to show an example of revenge on tape. He showed Tyer's actions.

. . . Steve Spurrier's wife, Jerri, showed up after practice with a Redskins jersey, the number 33 and Tyer's name on the back.

. . . Tyer also recalled how former linebacker Chris Hanburger would bring a duck whistle to practice and use it on occasion when Billy Kilmer would throw one of his infamous ''duck balls.''

. . . Tyer had other stories about he and Kilmer. None can be reprinted. Use your imagination.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington missed practice because of his mild concussion suffered Thursday when he collided with fullback Bryan Johnson. Arrington said he'll practice this afternoon and refused to call it a concussion, saying he was just ''dinged.''

. . . For those who feel that Comcast has shortchanged the Redskins, you'll like this. Arrington good naturedly teased Rich Cook during an interview about that topic, asking when they'll have something on the Redskins. ''Maybe,'' Arrington said, ''when we play the Ravens then we'll get some coverage.'' But don't blame Cook: he grew up in the area and, before he became a reporter, he was a diehard Redskins fan.

. . . Receiver Rod Gardner stayed on the field for about another 10 minutes after practice ended, working with receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr., on getting off the line of scrimmage. Meanwhile, rookie linemen Derrick Dockery and Pita Elisara stuck around working on fundamentals with assistant line coach John Hunt.

. . . Tight end Robert Royal continues to get time with the first unit.

. . . Dockery still doesn't look ready to be an immediate contributor. He got shoved back pretty easily on a rush by end Jonathan Brown.

. . . New points of emphasis by officials this year: defensive holding at the line of scrimmage and pre-game altercations. Yes, holding by the defense along the line. Seems there was a problem last year with linemen creating gaps for linebackers by grabbing offensive linemen and pulling them out of the way. It used to occur more on kicks, but became more frequent on plays from scrimmage. It'll be five yards and an automatic first down.

Also, officials now will be on the field 45 minutes before the game--15 minutes earlier than usual--and can call penalties if players from the teams have an altercation. Or they can eject the players.

Another one: in the last five minutes of the game there will be no consecutive onside kicks if the kicking team touches the ball before the required 10 yards.

. . . Brent Bartholomew had a good morning, booming one punt about 55 yards and drawing applause from the crowd (which got wet thanks to an intermittent rain).

. . . Tackle Jon Jansen wants to win, no matter when it is. On one pass play, QB Patrick Ramsey threw to WR Cliff Russell on the sidelines. Defensive back Ade Jimoh pushed Russell, who caught it out of bounds. Jansen shouted at a ref, ''he was pushed! He was pushed!''

After a few more plays ran and the drill ended, Jansen went back to the official and was complaining about the call.

. . . Another big hit, this time from an offensive guy: safety David Terrell intercepted a Ramsey pass and, as he was being tackled, he flipped the ball to Jimoh. He ran down the left sideline where receiver Richmond Flowers flung him to the ground. A few plays later safety Ifeanyi Ohalete hit Flowers hard as they went out of bounds.

If you think the players are getting a bit ready for more contact, you're right.

. . . Terrell had a good morning, intercepting two passes. That made it a bad morning for Ramsey, probably his worst of the week.

. . . Russell made a nice catch down the left side of a Ramsey pass. He reached out far for it, kept his balance and also kept his feet inbounds. The kid looks good.

. . . DL Ladairis Jackson lined up at linebacker this morning, rushing the passer sometimes off the edge and sometimes through the middle. I loved when the Redskins did this last summer, but they didn't do it much during the season. Don't know why considering it seemed to work in the preseason games.

. . . LB Jeremiah Trotter blew up a screen, hitting RB Trung Canidate.

. . . CB Champ Bailey intercepted a Ramsey pass and returned it 42 yards for a score. But LT Chris Samuels made it hard: he raced over and tried to push Bailey out of bounds around the 1. Bailey still scored.

''Hey,'' Samuels shouted to Bailey, ''that wasn't easy. That wasn't easy!''

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