When Robert Griffin III news isn't actually new news

Friday was yet another reminder that when it comes to Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, the mirage of news can look like the real article.

When Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan met with reporters last month at the Senior Bowl, not surprisingly the topic of quarterback Robert Griffin III came up. McCloughan didn't provide any specifics on the future plan, but it's quite apparent the Redskins will release their former starting quarterback soon enough, at least by the March 9 deadline, rather than pay him $16.5 million next season.

If any true news came out of the Q&A it was that McCloughan revealed Griffin passed his final physical at the end of the season. This nugget is key because any significant injury would lock Washington into picking up Griffin's final year. The note also seemed quite obvious seeing as the QB didn't play a single down in 2015.

(Full disclosure: Breaking Burgundy covered McCloughan's overall remarks, but avoided the RG3 angle in part because I was probably feeling RG3'd out that day/year and like you I try limiting the amount of clickbait headlines in my world, though some mght argue this post is just that.)

Anyway, McCloughan mentioned the physical, it was reported and the world moved on, waiting for an official update on when Griffin's time with the Redskins would end.

That is until Friday when NFL Network reporter Albert Breer tweeted the following:


Now, it's unclear why Breer felt compelled to put this note out on Feb. 12 when McCloughan spoke Jan. 27. Perhaps it just popped into his mind because as it turns out, Feb 12 is Griffin's 26th brthday. Perhaps Breer, a fine reporter and NFL insider, never mentioned this update way back when. It feels like at times only the Redskins receive coverage, but it turns out there are 31 other squads. Anyway, Breer mentioned the physical and the world moved on.

Except it didn't. This tweet of two week old information led to the internet spewing out blog posts and headlines.

NFL.com: Griffin passes exit physical, paving way for release

Rotoworld: End of an era: RG3 passes exit physical

Fox Sports: RG3 is one step closer to being released by the Redskins

We can blame the lack of actual news during this post-Super Bowl dead period as reason for the content starved to go after this like Von Miller attacking Cam Newton, perhaps. In the online world, content is king. On the Friday after the Super Bowl and with free agency a ways off, a news mirage can look like the real thing.

Anyway, time to move on. Also, if any RG3-related tweet needed attention on his birthday, may we suggest this one from Terrance Knighton.


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