Camp Report Summary - Day 6

On Fan Appreciation Day, the Redskins gave a big crowd something good to watch: a scrimmage. Here's a recap of what happened. As usual the good stuff involves linebacker LaVar Arrington.

. . . Arrington walked onto the field about 10 minutes late, much to the delight of the crowd. He later pleased them with two big plays. First, he hit running back Trung Canidate on a swing pass, bumping him to the ground. Later, Arrington bull rushed left tackle Chris Samuels, toppling the Pro Bowler and clearing a lane for blitzing linebacker Kevin Mitchell. He had a clear shot at quarterback Patrick Ramsey, but let up.

. . . Ramsey completed seven of 11 passes for 61 yards in the scrimmage. Not sure what that means, however. After all, he's not allowed to be sacked. Safety Matt Bowen intercepted one Ramsey pass. He then flipped it to corner Fred Smoot. Rob Johnson completed two of six passes for seven yards.

. . . Kicker John Hall made five of seven field goals. He missed two 45-yard attempts wide right. Neither looked like they would have had much room to spare had they been good.

. . . Fullback Bryan Johnson has dropped too many passes this camp, dropping another during the scrimmage.

. . . Corner Fred Booker intercepted a Gibran Hamdan pass intended for receiver James Johnson and returned it 55 yards for a touchdown. Hamdan and fellow rookie Brad Banks both struggled. But that's not unexpected.

Still, after one poor Hamdan pass, a fan shouted, ''Get a new quarterback!''

. . . Running back Chad Morton ran 54 yards on a draw for a score, though two defenders probably would have tackled him had they been allowed to hit him. It's fun to watch Morton. He zips in and out of holes. The more I see of him in practice the more I can't wait to see him in this role during a game.

. . . One thing I wonder about: how much will kickers avoid him on kickoffs?

. . . No news yet on tight end Wesley Walls; the Redskins have offered him a one-year minimum salary contract.

. . . Redskins sources say they haven't really considered what Dan Wilkinson's offer would be should he want to come back. But you can bet they'd look at the market for him first, meaning that guaranteed $2 million deal would shrink.

. . . Washington signed offensive tackle Brandon Winey, a 6-foot-7 player who had been cut by Denver each of the past two seasons. The Redskins released center Pat Downey.

. . . The Fan Appreciation Day crowd was estimated at 10,000 for both sessions. Some fans lined up at 11 a.m. for the autograph session. Every player and coach Steve Spurrier sat at a table and signed autographs and were scheduled to do so for about an hour.

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