NFL Draft: Film review of Alabama's RB Derrick Henry

Breaking Burgundy Analyst Paul Conner shares his scouting notes on Alabama Running Back Derrick Henry

Breaking Burgundy's Film Analyst Paul Conner will be in the lab crunching film on college prospects up until the 2016 NFL Draft. He will be sharing his notes on each player he watches throughout the process. 

Derrick Henry

Position: Running Back

College: Alabama

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 242

Age: 21

(Analysis of games vs. Clemson, Florida, and Ole Miss)

Positives: The Heisman Trophy winner is a gargantuan human being. At 242 lbs, Henry has the kind of size that is hard to bring down especially at the second and third levels. The Alabama standout has good speed when running in a straight line downhill. He has the kind of size that can wear a defense down over the course of a game. It can take multiple people to bring him down because Henry doesn't always go down with the first hit. Also, he almost always falls forward, picking up that hidden yardage. Henry, who ran in a pro system, is used to running power and zone plays. He is a willing blocker in pass protection.

Concerns: Despite good straight line speed, Henry isn't good moving laterally. He doesn't have the quickness to restart and change direction. If defenders can get him to change his path, it's easier to surround him and bring him down. He is slow out of cuts, doesn't have much wiggle and doesn't make people miss. Like most Alabama running backs, you have to worry about workload. Nick Saban likes putting the offense on the running back and running the wheels off him. Henry rushed an insane 395 times last season in 15 games. Adrian Peterson led all NFL running backs with 327 attempts last season.

If drafted by Redskins: Scot McCloughan likes size and the running back position is no different. He drafted Matt Jones last year who is 6'2" 231 lbs. With the Alfred Morris exit apparent, McCloughan is going to need to find someone to pair with Jones going forward. Considering Jones hasn't been able to stay healthy, he will probably be in the market for someone who can carry the load at times. Henry has already proven he can do that.

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