The list: Best Robert Griffin III landing spots, for fans

RG3 remains with the Redskins, but that won't last for long. Which uniform he dons next, who knows, but Talib Babb ponders scenarios that benefit us.

Robert Griffin III is about to hit the open market any day now and we just can't wait to see for which team he will be wearing a headset.

No knock on RG3, but the chances of this guy starting in Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season are lower than the Redskins 2016 Super Bowl odds.
However, it won't hurt us to wonder. We could wonder where the best situation is for RG3's future, sure. What's best for RG3's future is he goes to a team where he can be a backup for at least one season and learn the offense, preferably a place with a successful offensive-minded coach. But that's b-o-r-i-n-g. 
In a fantasy world, we want to see RG3 under center by the first Sunday of the season and running around like the Offensive Rookie of the Year we used to know. We know you love lists and hypotheticals so here are the five best landings spots for RG3 if he were to automatically start next season: 
1. Dallas Cowboys
RG3 to Big D, how can you not want to see that? I can see Jerry Jones in his press box smiling down as he watches his new shiny toy lead him to another mediocre season. Imagine how mad Dez Bryant would be if RG3 is missing throws or not getting the ball to him enough. Bryant won't do subliminal Instagram posts like DeSean Jackson, nope. He'll be in Griffin's face chewing him out by the 2nd quarter. However, I can see how you could not want to see Griffin in Dallas. If RG3 leads them to a great season, ESPN will turn into the Dallas Cowboys Network. 
2. San Francisco 49ers
Chip Kelly's offense could use a mobile quarterback as much as Chipotle could use some good publicity. And looking at the quarterback market, who is better to snatch up than Griffin? With RG3, Kelly can run all of the read option plays he wants. Griffin would have to learn how to slide, which he tried to do with here in D.C., but was unable to. He never took the sliding practice from the Washington Nationals, but hey the San Francisco Giants are a championship organization, he might be able to learn better from them.
3. Cleveland Browns
The Browns are so desperate for a quarterback. Their would-be savior Johnny Manziel needs to save himself, so that position is now open in Cleveland. New head coach Hue Jackson is highly-regarded as a great offensive mind. He can bring in RG3 and let him try his hand at ending Cleveland's championship drought. Who knows, maybe wide receiver Josh Gordon gets re-instated, maybe the other wide receiver Dwayne Bowe can earn his paycheck and the three of them can rack up some yards through the air. Actually, it's Cleveland, so none of those positive things will happen.
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4. New York Jets
The media attention Robert Griffin III would get in the Big Apple, especially if he returns to being an electrifying talent, might surpass those two weeks of Linsanity. If it goes bad, well then he could be a punchline like Mark Sanchez. 
5. Denver Broncos
Denver has an all-time great defense. Who knows if they will be able to keep their pieces together this offseason, but if they do they won't need much help from their offense again to get into the playoffs. Put RG3 behind center and let him throw a few on-target ducks like Peyton Manning every week  and they could be a Super Bowl contender again.
It was nice living in that fantasy world for a little bit, imagining what if RG3 could start on one of those teams next year, how entertaining it would be, good or bad. However, it's back to reality where RG3 is still in Washington for just a little bit longer and the speculation continues grow. For now, just follow his inspirational tweets and stay tuned as he will be on another team's sideline soon enough.

Talib Babb is a freelancer for, producer for 106.7 The Fan, stand-up comic and Maryland native. You can find him on Twitter @talibbabb.

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