Mayock on Cousins: I'm a believer

The noted NFL Draft analyzed Cousins' game coming out of Michigan State. Four years later, he still likes what he sees.

As an NFL Draft analyst, Mike Mayock spends more time watching football and evaluating a player’s talents than about 99.9 percent of the population. Therefore, when he says he believes someone is “the guy,” even if that person isn’t in the upcoming draft class, ears should perk up.
Redskins fans — your ears are about to perk up.
During a conference call with the media on Tuesday, Mayock offered his opinion on Redskins quarterback and new-contract needing Kirk Cousins. In it, the NFL pundit said that the signal caller is someone who’d be a great fit long term for the Burgundy and Gold.
“I do believe Kirk Cousins is the quarterback of the Redskins for the future and I think a lot of that is philosophically, he aligns perfectly with what Jay Gruden wants to do,” Mayock said.”I do believe he’s the guy.”
Part of that belief stems from Mayock’s attendance of Cousins’ Pro Day, which happened during the lead-up to the 2012 Draft. In that brief glimpse of the QB, it was evident to him that he was someone who could orchestrate a unit all on his own.
“I was standing next to three different offensive coordinators watching and they were all going, ‘Holy crap, this is awesome,'” Mayock recalled, still impressed by how Cousins was “taking control” of the showcase. 
Overall, it sounds like Mayock believes the relationship shared between #8 and his head coach will be key moving forward, whether the team decides to ink Cousins to a pricey extension or place the franchise tag on him. Either way, the fifth-year passer would return for another season with Gruden, and that’s a major positive in Mayock’s eyes.
“What he does well matches up with what Jay Gruden wants to do. So I think it was the confluence of a smart, tough kid along with a coach who believes in him and an offense that fits him and he’s taken advantage of it."

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