McCloughan's RG3 update includes calls for 'respect'

Robert Griffin III "deserves respect" up until he is likely released before the March 9th deadline, says the Redskins GM.

Robert Griffin III remains a member of the Washington Redskins. He won't be for long. Inactive for all but one game in 2015, many questioned why he was wasting a roster spot. General manager Scot McCloughan addressed the situation at the NFL Scouting Combine.

"He's a really good guy, he's been a really good player for the Redskins" McCloughan told media members Wednesday.

The GM elaborated that "there was no reason to cut him [Griffin] earlier" because "he deserves respect, not just from me, but from your guys , the organization." Washington's player personnel head man credited Griffin for the way he dealt with a "really difficult situation."

That situation included losing his job. 

"I think the injuries hurt him a little bit" Redskins coach Jay Gruden said earlier in the day.Griffin suffered a torn ACL at the end of his dynamic rookie season along with other ailments during his four seasons. 

“My first year here, he got hurt against Jacksonville and that set him back a little bit," saiid Gruden, now two years into his coaching run with Washington. 

Gruden noted another key element in the QB change: The rise of Kirk Cousins

I think it was more Kirk’s play than anything," the coach said. "Kirk’s development in the OTAs that we could just see him continue to progress when Kirk got the opportunities with the ones in practice. There was always a successful drive and I think people could see that. It was more about

Kirk, not as much about Robert as people think.”

President Bruce Allen implied on a radio interview on Tuesday that the Redskins heard from teams about Griffin in one can only assume is a possible trade negotiation. Although 2012 was magical because the Redskins captured the division title for the first time in over a decade, since 1999, it would nice to get something for the former track star that cost three first round picks.

For now, just wait until just before the March 9th deadline to hear anything about Griffin's roster status with the Redskins. It is all but certain that he will be cut because of his $16 million cap number and various other factors, but nothing is going to happen before then.

As for quarterback Griffin, his release will likely come in the hours before the March 9 deadline to release him, with McCloughan noting that there was no reason to do the paperwork earlier than that.

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