Camp Report Summary - Day 7

The Redskins say that Danny Wuerffel's return had nothing to do with the play of backup Rob Johnson. But that can't be true. Johnson has struggled most of training camp and is not yet comfortable in Steve Spurrier's system. If something happened to starter Patrick Ramsey, Johnson could only do so much.

Also, if the Redskins keep all three veterans, they'll try and stash Gibran Hamdan on the practice squad. They viewed him as a project all along and nothing has changed their minds. Having Wuerffel around was good for Ramsey; maybe it'll help Hamdan. One thing Wuerffel won't do is challenge Ramsey for the starting job. He's clearly a backup, which everyone I talked to made clear. Even off the record.

''Danny knows his position,'' Spurrier said. ''He knows he's not competing for No. 1. He knows our system and he played well at times last year. Brad [Banks] was going to struggle to make it. Gibran is a practice squad guy at this point. We've been concerned that we don't have enough experience at quarterback.'' Wuerffel will be in camp Monday.

. . . Safety Matt Bowen was at it with running back Trung Canidate again. This time, Bowen blitzed and, after the play, Canidate came running up at him, swinging his arms. Bowen wasn't about to back down but the two were quickly separated. Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson shouted at Canidate to ''Go sit down, now!''

. . . Rookie wideout Pat Woodcock missed practice with a sprained right knee and likely will be out Monday. But running back Kenny Watson returned after missing the past two days for a slight knee injury.

. . . Don't know why a certain paper in Washington keeps writing about how well Canidate is doing. He hasn't shown much, good or bad. He may go on to have a good preseason, but he hasn't seized the position yet.

Canidate dropped a pass near the sideline, with linebacker Orantes Grant covering him. ''He's scare of him!'' linebacker Clifton Smith shouted. I doubt that--Canidate has shown he can take a hit. Just wish he'd show more of what he did in college. Which is what Chad Morton keeps doing. He's going to have a big impact. In some ways he'll do a lot of what Brian Mitchell used to do: return kicks, cover them and play on third downs.

. . . Want to know what players talk about while watching special teams drills? Sometimes they make friendly bets. During an onside kick drill, safeties David Terrell and Ricot Joseph were betting (no money!) on who would get the ball. They were never right.

. . . Fullback Bryan Johnson has had problems catching the ball, dropping another one today.

. . . End Regan Upshaw had the day off. Running back Ladell Betts did not practice--the Redskins said he might go Monday.

. . . Rookie guard Derrick Dockery worked at left guard today with newly-signed Brandon Winey working at left tackle with the second unit. Dockery has steadily improved.

. . . Corner Alex Molden dropped an interception. So he dropped and did 10 pushups to the applause of the crowd.

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