Adrian Wojnarowski answers question from 'Terrance' Knighton without realizing who 'Pot Roast' is, apparently

Knighton asked the NBA's preeminent information man a Twitter question. Yahoo's Wojnarowski answered. That's so not the interesting part.

Just about every reporter or beat writer does some version of an online or video mailbag these days. Take questions from your readers or followers, give them some answers. Simple enough and relatively easy content. NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the main voice behind Yahoo's "The Vertical" did just that this week. The reason we're mentioning an NBA mailbag on a Redskins website is that one of the questions came from nose tackle Terrance Knighton

Now, that angle might be cute enough, a massive nose tackle and commercial spokesman acting like the average fan. Knighton, a Connecticut native, wanted some intel on the Boston Celtics. However, the real reason we're discussing this is that apparently neither Wojnarowski nor anyone associated with the video mailbag was aware they were answering a question from the actual Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton.

First of, here's the question Knighton, a soon-to-be free agent after one season in Washington, posted Wednesday.

Here is Knighton's reaction to learning that his question made the cut, courtesy of a Denver-based NBA writer. Knighton rose to fame with the Denver Broncos.

So, first thought might be to assume that Yahoo saw the noted lineman's question and said let's use it.


Host Evan Doherty and Wojnarowski answered Twitter questions from a @HarrisonMarkey about the Thunder and @huskyblazerfan about the Trail Blazers. Then came the third and final question (1:55 mark) from "Terrance," says Doherty, who reads the question. Knighton's actual tweet pops up on the screen, including his Twitter profile picture of himself plus his screen name, @MrRoast98, and the question about what's next for the Celtics.

"Well, there's two things Boston has here in the next few months," Wojnarowski responds, going straight into answer man mode without any wink or nod to his famous and large questioner. "They have Brooklyn's draft pick, which could be..." This goes on for about 30 seconds as Wojnarowski dutifully answers the question -- with Knighton's tweet on the screen the entire time.

I get that Wojnarowski, the NBA's preeminent information source, might be so wrapped in all things hardwood he's unaware of the gridiron star. Knighton has a Q-rating, but he's not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. That nobody else involved in the video production recognized Knighton is, well, weird. 

Anyway, Knighton asked and Woj answered. For an NBA fan, what could be better than that.

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