NFL Draft: Best Twitter names among prospects

Making a great impression is the hope at this week's Scouting Combine. Talib Babb shares which of the prospects' Twitter names made an impression on him.

The NFL scouting combine kicked off this week and teams are doing their "due diligence" as they research every prospect. That means teams are conducting background checks which involves them asking weird, uncomfortable and even unnecessary questions. And now thanks to technology, teams have to act like they really care and do thorough checks of players' social media accounts. 
Remember five years ago when those old owners had no idea what Twitter and Instagram were? When professional and college players could post all types of NSFW material as well as their real thoughts and you could get a peek at how they were really living? I miss those days. Now that owners and coaches know what goes on over the web, most players just post disingenuous motivational quotes and emojis. Why can't they all be like Johnny Manziel and post reckless party pictures and videos? Is that too much to ask? Make our 9-5's better by getting into an expletive filled argument with a Twitter critic every now and then that's all.
Let's be honest the NFL combine doesn't really matter. We get it, all of these future NFL players are strong and most are faster than the average human, you can spend 72 hours watching them sprint and jump if you'd like, I'll pass.
However, since were at this point, we here at Breaking Burgundy decided to give you the top five Twitter usernames amongst the projected first-round draft picks.There are more than 200 players that could be drafted so there was no way I was going to go through all of their Twitter names. But don't fret, I did some decent research, I checked out the top 32 player Twitter handles and narrowed it down to the best five names I saw. This was very challenging and if I missed one, you can tweet me at my very bland Twitter handle, @TalibBabb, to air your grievances.
Here they are: 
1. Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State, @CantGuardMike  - Michael Thomas lives up to his Twitter username. He was seventh in the nation this past season with 1,391 receiving yards and tied for fifth with 14 touchdowns. Thomas also pulled back the cover on his tweets earlier this season after a game, which is well respected in these parts. 
2.  Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss, @KingTunsil78 - I guess when you're projected to be the top pick in the NFL Draft, you deserve the term 'king' in your Twitter handle. If you need anymore confirmation for the 'king' in his username, he also scored a touchdown as a lineman in this year's Sugar Bowl. 
3. Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss, @SuccessfulQuon - Ole Miss is doing something right when it comes to players with creative Twitter handles. Laquon successfully recovered a gruesome leg injury to score 11 touchdowns in the 2015 campaign. He'll be a top pick in the draft and at some point in your fantasy leagues.
4. Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State, @JBBigBear - At 6'6", 275 pounds, this guy Joey Bosa is indeed a bear. Not a loveable one, we're talking a scary, run for your life kind of bear, especially if you're an opposing quarterback. Bosa compiled 26 sacks over his three seasons at Ohio State, so the handle is perfect.
5. Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia, @Floyd_XXXKing - Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd probably has the most entertaining Twitter handle. It includes the letter 'X' three times in a row, which is the universal symbol for "romantic" films that you definitely couldn't watch at work or with family members. If the stud pass rusher named himself the triple X King while knowing the true meaning of 'triple x', then it just might be the best Twitter handle in all of sports. And if he didn't mean it in that way and was just being an innocent student-athlete, then I need to get my mind out of the gutter

Talib Babb is a freelancer for, producer for 106.7 The Fan, stand-up comic and Maryland native. You can find him on Twitter @talibbabb.

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