Q&A With: Danny Wuerffel

The Redskins newest backup quarterback--emphasis on backup--spoke with the media after his first practice.

Q: Were you a little surprised to return here?

A: You never know what's going to happen. You have to always be ready for anything. One thing that's been in my mind my whole career was, never expect anything but try to be prepared for everything.

Q: What was on the horizon for you?

A: I had a trip planned to go to Seattle to work out out there. They were looking to add a backup quarterback to help their situation with Trent being injured. That was the only other thing we had.

Q: You lost your job because of injuries last year so were you disappointed you weren't invited back before this?

A: Last year was a tough year for everyone. It was frustrating for the fans, frustrating for the owner, the management, the coaches, the players. We all wanted it to one way and it didn't. My biggest disappointment was that I didn't get a chance to come back and be a part of making that better. I'm really excited that the opportunity is here to come in and compete for a backup spot. One of my biggest roles is to help Patrick be the best he can be. He's a phenomenal player coming along and I'll do my best to help him get ready and do my best whenever needed.

Q: How did Patrick look to you?

A: He looked great. He obviously has always had that velocity, but he just has great awareness and he's seeing the field real well. He's seeing more than just one thing that's happening. He's getting along great with the guys and he's an authority in the huddle.

Q: Did you have a feeling this could happen?

A: I knew it was a possibility, but there are a lot of things that can happen in this business and so you don't know what to expect. It was a long offseason not knowing what would happen. My wife is pregnant and she's 22 weeks now and wondering where she will deliver our baby and who will be the doctor. Those are the things you wonder. At the same time you have to be ready for anything.

Q: Did you reach a point where you didn't think you'd be playing this year?

A: I was realistic. I didn't know what to expect. I thought there was a good chance I'd play somewhere. I knew it would be in training camp. Every offseason, for the third year now I've had to contemplate football's over, what will I do? You have to be ready for everything.

Q: What would you talk to Patrick about during the game?

A: Anything from what's going on with the players on the field to adjustments, to encouragement. Antyhing that comes up during the course of the game. You go thtrough so many highs and lows so to have someone you know and trust and can encourage you is always helpful. The trick is you don't want to get in the way either.

Q: What is it about this offense that makes it tough for a new quarterback to learn?

A: There's a lot of little things. A lot of teams teach you to look for your number one receiver, then numer two and number three. It's a lot different from what coach teaches you. He wants you to look at areas and see what's happening. That's a tough thing to adjust.

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