Camp Report Summary - Day 8

The Redskins offensive line should be a strength, though it's not always evident in practice. The linemen say they have meshed off the field and that's a big plus. And they've gotten to know one another as more than just football players, stemming from lunches and dinners together (including some at Morton's).

When that happens, they trust the guy next to him and they know it matters to that person. It's what the Hogs used to have; it's what this group will have, too.

. . . Safety David Terrell broke up a pass in the end zone during the afternoon. The Redskins say he's improved, but we'll withhold judgment until we see him in preseason games. He was very bad at times last year. But even if he doesn't start, Terrell can help the Redskins with his excellent special teams play.

. . . Quarterback Rob Johnson threw a nice fade route to receiver Rod Gardner in a red zone drill, earning praise from offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. The coach shouted, ''Give me some! Give me some!'' as he slapped Johnson on the rear.

. . . After one failed fade route to receiver Scott Cloman, corner Fred Smoot, who had tight coverage, taunted playcaller Hue Jackson, ''Come on Hue!''

. . . For those who care about such things: Smoot wears his shorts backwards. Why? Don't know and don't want to know. Maybe it's just because he's Fred Smoot and he can do such things.

. . . Receiver Laveranues Coles is a strong player. He was tightly covered on a pass at the goal-line by corner Wade Davis. But Coles extended his arms, with Davis on his back, caught the ball and got into the end zone. Pretty nice.

. . . End Regan Upshaw missed his third straight practice to rest his knee. Upshaw stays indoors and rehabs while his teammates practice.

. . . Receiver Taylor Jacobs hurt his groin and is questionable for Tuesday's practice. Running back Ladell Betts (elbow), guard Tre Johnson (Achilles), lineman Rod Jones (ankle/toe), receiver Darnerien McCants (hamstring) and receiver Pat Woodcock (knee) all will sit out practice Tuesday.

Running back Kenny Watson (knee) practiced today. Receiver Cliff Russell (knee) did not practice today, but is expected to return tomorrow.

. . . Rookie Derrick Dockery lined up at tight end in the goal-line offense.

. . . Coles is a big plus for receiver Rod Gardner. The Redskins third-year wideout has never been exposed to someone who works as hard as Coles. And that's pushing him. Gardner also sees what happens when you work like that: you get $13 million bonuses.

. . . Receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr., has been most impressed with Coles' knowledge of the game, his precision in route running and his knack for being in the right spot at the right time. The latter stems from an instinct that you can't coach.

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