Routine drug tests turns out to be anything but for Cousins

Kirk Cousins passed the test as Redskins starting QB last season, but his recent drug test should be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct

When the words “leak” and “Redskins” are used in close proximity of each other, one’s mind usually goes to leaks of the locker room variety, where team secrets and player beefs are made public and cause major distractions that have derailed past seasons. Members of today's Redskins, however, haven't had any such problems as of late.
Well, most of them haven't, at least.
Kirk Cousins shared a story over the weekend about a leak that developed into quite the issue for the quarterback. But it didn’t involve a feud with a wide receiver or a lack of confidence from his offensive line.
Instead, it was a literal leak that plagued the passer during an annual NFL ritual all of the sport’s athletes are used to, and ended up causing quite the disturbance for Cousins and some family members.
“My inevitable off-season drug test occurred this morning with a knock on my door at 6:45 a.m.,” he wrote on, a social media site centered around sports, on Friday. “The tester’s last words to me before the collection: ‘You can’t give me too much.’”
On any other day, the creepy administrator’s creepy quote would’ve been the punchline of the story. This wasn’t any other day, though.
“The final curveball was a leaky beaker which forced a re-fill,” Cousins continued. “You can only imagine the mess created at my in-laws home.”
So, according to Cousins, the “leaky beaker” forced the QB to “replay the down,” so to speak. Luckily, it sounds like he was successful on the second try.
Unfortunately for him, it appears that the chaos spilled over (pun totally intended) into his in-laws’ house. Hopefully, he can put some of that newly-signed franchise tag money to good use and refurbish whatever was damaged in the incident.

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