How Mason Foster's signing with the Washington Redskins unfolded on Twitter

Will Compton and Mason Foster live tweet Foster's free agency.

Other than the fact that the Redskins and Mason Foster had mutual interest in getting a deal done, there was not much insight into how the process was playing until news of the signing was first reported.

As it turned out, Foster’s interactions with sidekick Will Compton on Twitter proved to be reliable indicators that progress was being made. Here is a brief timeline of how it went down.


On Sunday, Compton made it clear that he was willing to help out with the negotiating process.

On Monday, Compton made good on his word and even tried to meet some of Foster’s Twitter demands, which included free subs on Saturdays.

Day of Signing

On Wednesday morning, Foster began hinting that he was nearing a deal to return. Granted, his hints have to be translated from the Foster-Compton bro code. Beavis and Butthead don’t begin to cover the many nicknames the two call each other, but it was the key to the first indication of Foster’s return.

Neither Foster nor Compton explicitly acknowledged the first reports of his agreement with the team. Instead, they continued to speak their own language of professional wrestling and “White Men Can’t Jump” GIFs.

And, to finish it all off, a well-placed Gladiator quote, which goes a long way in any bromance.

Update: (12:51 p.m.)

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