Morning Report - Day 9

Running back Trung Canidate had his best practice of training camp, finally showing that he might be worthy of the No. 1 job. He hadn't shown that in previous practices. But, this morning, Canidate had three nice runs in an 11-on-11 drill.

First, he spotted an opening and zipped through it, showing his speed. More impressively, two runs later, he lowered his shoulder as he ran through the hole--something he hadn't done this summer.

''That's what I'm talking about!'' offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said. ''You deliver the blow!'' Next time, Canidate had a good strong run again. Before the snap Jackson shouted at him, ''You want to be the guy, you gotta show me! You gotta carry it more than one time!''

I still have doubts that Canidate can be the fulltime guy. But Tuesday morning provided the first glimpse of hope.

. . . Scary moment of the morning: Receiver Laveranues Coles laying on the ground for about two minutes after getting accidentally kicked in the head. They checked him for a concussion, but he returned a couple plays later.

. . . Receiver Scott Cloman made a nice grab of a Rob Johnson pass this morning, running a deep out. Cloman remains a longshot, but he has looked good at times. He also has a very impressive upper body. As they say, the man has some pipes.

. . . Rookie Derrick Dockery continues to get time with the first unit at left guard.

. . . Running back/returner Chad Morton did not practice this morning. We did not get an injury report on Morton yet, but he appeared to hurt his shoulder in a collision with one of his offensive linemen yesterday.

. . . Receivers Taylor Jacobs and Cliff Russell rode the stationary bike, tossing a football back and forth, while everyone else was practicing. Receiver Darnerien McCants also sat out again because of his hamstring injury.

. . . Defensive end Regan Upshaw returned to practice this morning. He had fluid drained from his knee three days ago and says he's not worried about being able to last the season.

Upshaw is a big help with the younger linemen, too. As he walked off the field Upshaw talked with second-year end Ladairis Jackson about setting up offensive tackles.

. . .Safety Matt Bowen likes to be a little mysterious and keep people wondering about what's going on in his mind. He has a very dry sense of humor and rarely shows much outward emotion. But he loves to write in his journal a couple times a week during camp. Thing I like about Bowen is that he remains a fan of the game. And he's a big fan of his hometown Chicago Bulls and Cubs. Seems like many pro athletes lose their love of pro sports when they reach his position. Bowen has maintained his.

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