Q&A With Laveranues Coles

The Redskins wideout talks about coming to Washington, leaving New York and his role in the offense.

Q: Was Steve Spurrier's offense a big reason you wanted to come here?

A: That was the big thing. If I'm going to leave a situation where I'm getting a great chemistry with Chad, then of course I want to go to a situation where I know there's going to be a great coach and a guy who told me he believed in the young quarterback he had over here in Patrick Ramsey and he thought that we could do it and I knew his past history and knew if I could be successful, knew this would be the place.

Q: As happy as you were to get a big bonus, were you stung that New York didn't keep you?

A: No, it's a business. I've learned that part about the league since I've been here. Some people don't feel I'm worth it. everybody has their theme. Coach Spurrier and Mr. Snyder believe in me and felt like I was the guy to come in and help them get some ball games up under their belt as far as winning. It's all opinions right now. Until I get the opportunity to go out and prove that I'm worth, maybe the Jets will kick themselves and say we should have brought him back, or maybe the Jets will say, he didn't work out the way everybody thought he would and we made the right decision.

Q: How would you compare Patrick Ramsey and Chad Pennington?

A: The only thing different is that Chad has more games under his belt and Chad had the opportunity to sit a little longer than Rasmey did. Other than that, their determination level is the same. Patrick's arm is bigger than Chad's, but they both have that desire to be great, which is something very special I see in both of them.

Q: What's been the reason for your constant improvement?

A: Just work hard. I've learned that if you just trust and believe in your coaches, they're not going to steer you wrong because their job is in jeopardy just like yours. Just hope things pan out and hope they make the right decisions and the right play call, and believe in whatever they called and just try to make the play happen.

Q: Are you surprised by your success?

A: Of course. To be honest, you kind of believe what you hear when you come out of college. You hear you can't run routes. You hear all fast guys can't catch. All the little stereotypes that come with being a speedy guy. It causes you to question your ability. Then, when I'm drafted, they say I'm not drafted to be a receiver, but to play special teams. You kind of think that if one day I'm starting for a football team, they must be pretty bad. You kind of roll with the punches.

Q: When did you realize they were wrong?

A: I think my second year in the league and I started making a few plays for the team and started helping us win ball games. And the players were saying, man you made a great catch. As a receiver, you don't see it as a great catch. You just see it as a regular catch to you. But when you make a catch and players say it's great, you start to think I might be all right.

Q: Do you play with a chip on your shoulder?

A: I just go out and play. I'm just excited to play football. Of course I go out and feel like everybody snubbed me who had a chance to draft me. I just go out and play. I just enjoy the game.

Q: Do you feel more of a burden after getting such a big bonus?

A: It's one of those things where I want to make Coach Spurrier and Mr. Snyder proud because those were the guys who pulled the trigger on getting me in here. For me, I think the pressure is pretty much off me. They gave me the money. The pressure kind of shifts to them. I want to perform for them and allow them to look like they made the great decision bringing me in. That's what drives me every day to want to be out there for Coach Spurrier and working hard and just be whatever they ask me to be.

Q: Are you having to find the seam more in this offense?

A: It's a new role I've taken on in this offense. I'm in the slot more. In the other offense, I was outside more. I'm training myself to do exactly what coach spurrier wants me to do. In due time, I'll fit this offense just the way he wants it. But that's going to come with time.

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