The Morning Report - Day 11

One of the most interesting battles will come at wide receiver, where several might be fighting for one spot. Maybe two at the most. Who has the edge? And who looked bad this morning?

. . . Receiver Patrick Johnson hasn't shown much as a receiver--others have looked better. But he's such a valuable special teams performer as a coverman that, as of now, he'll make the final roster. Not sure how much help he'd be at receiver, however.

. . . The race at receiver could come down to Scott Cloman and Richmond Flowers and that's a hard call. Both have looked good at receiver and both could help on special teams. Cloman has the size advantage at 6-foot-3, 214 pounds and in some ways is like Derrius Thompson, though not as fast. Flowers is smaller (5-foot-11, 205 pounds) but is much faster. Which do you prefer? The Redskins are debating that same question. The fifth and sixth receivers must impress special teams coach Mike Stock. Johnson has.

. . . Cloman had a great morning, making a diving catch against corner Fred Booker and finding a seam against corner Champ Bailey--and in front of Matt Bowen--for a long gain. And he beat corner Alex Molden deep, hauling in a Gibran Hamdan pass.

. . . Cloman added about 15 pounds after getting cut by the Niners last year. He worked with Terrell Owens' trainer in Atlanta this past offseason. Even Bailey is impressed by Cloman's strength.

. . . Gotta like his background, too: Cloman has played in the Arena League, the XFL and NFL Europe. He's a nice guy, or so it seems. Others in the organization say the same thing. Easy to root for.

. . . Corner Rashad Bauman made a nice one-handed interception this morning, stepping in front of Cliff Russell, tipping the ball up and grabbing it one-handed. Bauman has looked all right and seems solid as the No. 3 corner. Bauman worked with the first unit in one series, giving Bailey a rest.

. . . Brief shoving match between end Peppi Zellner and guard Dave Fiore in a one-on-one blocking drill. Zellner drove Fiore back and Fiore shoved him after the play. Guard/center Wilbert Brown stepped between them, the linemen gathered and nothing else happened.

. . . Brown looks too slow when he has to pull, whether from center or guard. He doesn't look like he's in as good of shape as the other linemen, especially in the lower body. Can't say I'm impressed. Jermaine Haley just powered past him on one play.

. . . Quarterback Danny Wuerffel looked horrible and struggled to complete any passes in seven-on-seven drills. At one point, a small smattering of boos could be heard following his pass. After linebacker Kevin Mitchell intercepted a pass, one fan yelled, ''Hey, Danny, the offense wears white, not burgundy.''

. . . Rob Johnson's performance has picked up since Wuerffel was signed. Hmmm.

. . . Someone wearing a Cowboys shirt was spotted in the crowd, leading to good-natured cheers. Then someone yelled, ''Get a rope!''

. . . Brad Bedell, the third-year lineman, wasn't all that impressive today. Got beat too easily by end Mike Cecere in the one-on-one drill.

. . . End Ladairis Jackson looks like he needs to still get stronger. If his speed doesn't beat a player, nothing will.

. . . Tackle Greg Scott gets too upright when playing inside. He looks like a big end who was shifted inside and hasn't shown much, though he beat Dockery with an inside move only to slip.

. . . A word to receiver Darnerien McCants: hurry back. He's still sidelined by his hamstring injury and is losing ground. McCants needs to show he can play special teams this year, or else his spot is in jeopardy.

. . . Center Larry Moore struggled with his shotgun snaps last season and nothing has changed. He sent two over the quarterback's head this morning. The crowd groaned after the second botched snap. But Moore is the best option at center right now.

. . . If the Redskins did make a change at center, Dave Fiore would go there and Randy Thomas would go to left guard, putting Derrick Dockery on the right side. Thomas is more athletic and that's needed more on the left side.

. . . Safety Rashidi Barnes had a tough morning, getting burned a couple times including once by receiver James Johnson.

. . . Quarterback Patrick Ramsey might play into the second quarter on Saturday. Steve Spurrier wants him to throw 10-15 passes.

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