Camp Report Summary Day - 11

The Redskins haven't devoted more time to special teams in practice this season, but they still get plenty of time. One big difference: Steve Spurrier has missed only one special teams meeting since training camp started. And he's always in the front seat when he attends.

Spurrier realizes the importance and is showing his players by attending. Also, it helps that he can now delegate more to offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, assistant quarterbacks coach Noah Brindise and receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr.

. . . Tackle Brad Badell walked by Chad Morton with his girlfriend after practice, stopped and said, ''Hey, Chad, this is my girlfriend. She's almost as big as you are.'' Morton didn't laugh.

. . . Found out something about Morton today: he's half-Japanese. He also loves weightlifting.

. . . Redskins corner Fred Smoot misses running back Stephen Davis for a simple reason: ''Stephen was the only one who understood what I was saying because he's from the south.''

On a side note:

The Redskins made one of the best moves of the offseason when they hired Julia Payne to be their vice president of communications. She immediately improved relationships with the media. Now the Redskins made one of their worst moves: they let Payne go today.

The Redskins told Payne ''it wasn't working out'' which is too bad. Out of town writers, after visiting camp, had raved about how well they were treated. When that happens, the franchise gets better press--it's only natural.

Don't know what direction the PR staff will go now. But it's safe to say it won't be as good as it had been the past three months under Payne.

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