The Good, the Bad and the in Between

After nearly two weeks, it's time to take a look at what has gone right and what's gone wrong so far in Redskins training camp.

The Good: Laveranues Coles—Too often in the past, the Redskins have paid big money for a free agent only to experience massive disappointment. Thus far, Coles has displayed a great, team-oriented attitude and leadership both by word and by example, has grasped Steve Spurrier's offense very quickly, and has executed the fundamentals very well. Could we have said similar things of, say, Dana Stubblefield?

Matt Bowen—The Hit on Trung Canidate got him on Sports Center, but he'd already drawn the attention of the coaches and observers. Bowen goes all-out in practice and his aggressive nature is contagious.

Jeremiah Trotter—His knee, just nine months removed from major surgery, has not given him any major problems. He's been held out of some practices to rest it, but all indications are that the injury won't be an issue once September 4 rolls around. Injuries—Other than the usual bumps, pulls and strains, they have emerged healthy (knocking wood here, of course).

The Bad: The backup quarterback situation—Rob Johnson was having trouble grasping the offense so the team brought Danny Wuerffel back. To say that Wuerffel has struggled mightily would be too kind. He's been, well, Woeful. Too bad you can't combine Wuerffel's head with Johnson's arm.

Tight End—There was hope that Robert Royal would step up and challenge Zeron Flemister, but that hasn't happened yet. There was a serious effort to sign veteran Wesley Walls, so hopefully Royal and Flemister will get the message that the team needs performance here to be stepped up.

Punter—Here, too, an expected battle here has fizzled out. Brent Bartholomew was brought in to challenge Bryan Barker, who had the worst net punting average in the whole league last year. So far, Bartholomew has been far too inconsistent to put a scare into Barker. The organization will certainly be scanning the waiver wires as roster cutdowns occur around the league.

Still Developing: Trung Canidate—He held onto the ball after he was leveled by Bowen and that was a great sign for a player with a reputation for being a fumbler. He's also worked hard, hoping to erase another smudge on his reputation. It's going to be hard to judge how he'll do as a #1 back, however, until he's under live fire in game situations.

Patrick Ramsey—He's close to being in the "Good" category, but he has just enough off days to remind you that he's a second-year quarterback with five starts under his belt.

Jermaine Haley—It remains to be seen if he is the answer to replace Dan Wilkinson at defensive tackle. He's looked OK so far in practice, but it appears that the front office is still pursuing a trade for a tackle and trying to anticipate picking up players cut by other teams.

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