The list: Redskins with the most Twitter followers

Winning the NFC East is fine, but which members of the Redskins wins the battle for having the most Twitter followers. The surprising answers revealed.

If there’s strength in numbers, then which Redskins are the strongest on Twitter? Here’s a ranking of the 10 Burgundy and Gold players with the most followers on the social media platform. Some of the names on the list, and some of those who are missing, will surprise you…

Missed the cut: Trent Williams (@TrentW71) - 45 thousand
Williams is very quiet on Twitter, yet still has the 10th largest base of followers on the team. That means one thing: Everyone does it just so they don’t make him upset. And that’s a totally logical and safe thing to do. Because he’s a large man. So don’t make him upset, and go follow him.
10) Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul84) - 63.2 thousand
Paul’s growth on Twitter has been entertaining to watch: Like Will Compton, who’s also slowly gaining some prominence on the platform, the tight end has simply done it one humorous post at a time. He always seems to be online, too. When it comes to Twitter, he’s as talented at it as he was at trading Pikachu for yummy snacks back in the day:
9) DeAngelo Hall (@DeAngeloHall23) - 97.4 thousand
Like he is on the gridiron, the veteran corner isn’t afraid to speak his mind on social media. He’s more than willing to chime in about any topic, including politics, House of Cards and how terrible the referees were in the Villanova vs. North Carolina title game. He’s worth your attention. 
8) Ryan Kerrigan (RyanKerrigan01) - 111 thousand
Kerrigan is quite fantastic on Twitter; he uses some dry humor that comes across quite well when he posts (which isn’t nearly enough, by the way). If you aren’t one of those 111 thousand yet, what are you doing with your life?
7) Colt McCoy (@ColtMcCoy) - 115 thousand
The back-up to Kirk Cousins doesn’t trail the starter by a whole lot when it comes to followers. With that being said, he doesn’t use Twitter that often, but when he does, it gets real Texas-y on his timeline. A large chunk of those who see his messages are definitely Longhorn lovers.
6) Kirk Cousins (@KirkCousins8) - 121 thousand
A majority of the quarterback’s tweets are fairly routine, but every once in a while he’ll fire off a gem like this one:
His Twitter game actually matches his playing style — he’ll dink and dunk you for a bit until you get comfortable, and then BAM, here comes a home run ball.
5) Stephen Paea (@PAEA_90) - 133 thousand
The defensive lineman’s last message is from Aug. 24, 2015. He’s as active as Albert Haynesworth during a conditioning drill. And he STILL has over 130,000 followers. Impressive commitment from his fans.
4) Pierre Garcon (@PierreGarcon) - 161 thousand
No. 88 treats his followers to constant updates about his pizza franchise that he’s a part of and also uses Twitter to show his activity in the community. He seems significantly nicer on social media than he does on the field, where he can usually be found two inches away from the face of the cornerback who’s covering him.
3) Chris Culliver (@cullyinthehous) - 345 thousand
If covering Culliver's Twitter game one most note frequent use of emojis and how the tweets often promote his game on another social media site.
Nice view, Chris.
2) DeSean Jackson (@DeSeanJackson11) - 886 thousand
Jackson’s Twitter is basically just a page that links to his Instagram: His last real tweet that didn’t include one of his photos along with it was in late February. Still, the speedster seems to have developed enough of a brand around his name to convince people to follow him, even though he rarely actually says anything of substance on there. Chip Kelly, however, has yet to be convinced. 
1) Vernon Davis (@VernonDavis85) - 1.96 million 
One of the newest ‘Skins is also the team’s most followed, a role vacated with the Robert Griffin III departure. Despite a majority of Davis' recent posts being related to businesses he seems to be involved with (either that, or this guy loves Jamba Juice like Scot McCloughan loves football players), he’s up over the magical million mark. If he ever wanted to run for office, he’d have a large audience on his side. Plus, he already looks the part, as this message proves:

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