DeSean Jackson's decision: Should he go back to wearing No. 10?

With Robert Griffin III on the roster, Jackson switched from number 10 to 11. Now the receiver could move back and possibly help fans in the process.

DeSean Jackson is entering the final year of his contract in 2016, and the 29-year-old will look to put together a splendid stat line this season in order to secure one final payday in the NFL. However, if he wanted to, he could do something right now to help Redskins fans save a considerable amount of cash of their own.

Allow me to explain.

Before coming to D.C., Jackson wore No. 10 with the Eagles. But when he made the switch from, “Man, I hope one of Washington’s crusty, mediocre safeties can somehow catch up with and de-cleat this guy” status to “Man, this dude is the best thing to happen to this area since Five Guys” status and joined the Burgundy and Gold, he had to give up No. 10 because it belonged to Robert Griffin III. He chose No. 11 instead.

USA Today

Well, Griffin is no longer here. That means, if he wanted to, Jackson could return to the number he wore since breaking into the league in 2008. That’d be extremely convenient for ‘Skins supporters who made the understandable yet unfortunate decision to purchase an RG3 jersey back when he was Griffining and not griping.

That’s because, if Jackson did this, it’d be very easy to recycle those old uni’s that currently bear the quarterback’s name. All you'd have to do is run a piece of scotch tape on the back, write “Jackson” in all capital letters, and congratulations, you’re the proud new owner of a DeSean jersey, and you didn’t have to venture onto to do so (there, they’re currently going for triple digits).

Sure, the receiver would have to adjust his social media handles and do a few more housekeeping items, but it wouldn’t be that difficult of a process. Plus, the nation’s capital would have a lot less cases of memorabilia burning to deal with, and that’s always a positive thing. Overall, there’s so many reasons this needs to happen.

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