The List: Most obnoxious fan bases that will invade FedEx Field next season

We know what backers of the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants bring during visits to the Redskins home field. What about those other four teams?

We now know the Washington Redskins 2016 schedule. Did you give Dan Snyder your money yet?

If not, I'm here to help you prepare for which games you might encounter a boatload of nonsense.
So first, if you need a refresher, here's the full schedule for next season:
Week 1: Redskins vs. Steelers (MNF)
Week 2: Redskins vs. Cowboys
Week 3: Redskins @ Giants
Week 4: Redskins vs. Browns
Week 5: Redskins @ Ravens
Week 6: Redskins vs. Eagles
Week 7: Redskins @ Lions
Week 8: Redskins @ Bengals (London)
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: Redskins vs. Vikings
Week 11: Redskins vs. Packers (SNF)
Week 12: Redskins @ Cowboys
Week 13: Redskins @ Cardinals
Week 14: Redskins @ Eagles
Week 15: Redskins vs. Panthers (MNF)
Week 16: Redskins @ Bears
Week 17: Redskins vs. Giants
Every home game will be tough, but what will be tougher is dealing with the away teams' fan base infesting FedEx Field like rodents.
Of course, the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants fans will slither their way into the stadium. Those interlopers will attend games that don't include their team, wearing a jersey from their team, like they always do, for whatever odd reason. They like getting the attention at Redskins games that they don't receive at home from their loved ones, that's my best guess.
Anyway, the fans of the division rivals will be left out and won't be getting any attention in this ranking. We know you like lists and we know you dislike other teams not named the Redskins, so here are the top four obnoxious fan bases that will be at FedEx Field next season.
4. Carolina Panthers
The Carolina Panthers are fresh off a Super Bowl appearance and Cam Newton is one of the most electrifying players in sports. That means FedEx Field will be filled with a bunch of newfound Panthers supporters.
Panthers fans will find a way to make sure their family is seated near the endzone area to receive a touchdown ball from Newton himself and there is nothing the Hogs nor regular Redskins fans can do about it. 
If you have any objections to this list, tweet me @TalibBabb, unless you're a Browns fans, then don't. I don't want any of your bad luck on my Twitter feed.
3. Cleveland Browns
This will be the return of Robert Griffin III. Hopefully he returns to Landover, MD in one piece and is the starter. There will be a lot of former Redskins fans that will be decked out in Cleveland Browns gear, which sounds like a torturing switch, but hey, not going to judge you. 
The Dawg Pound will be loud for some reason despite their organization being muzzled and locked in the basement of their division for the past two decades. 
The city of Cleveland has such passionate fans, but yet their sports teams have been a joke for nearly 50 years. Washington D.C. has felt their pain in the last 25 years. Unless the Washington Capitals pulling off a Stanley Cup title in a few weeks, this game in October could pretty much be a huge AA meeting for miserable sports fan bases.
2. Green Bay Packers
Titletown. Vince Lombardi. Bart Starr. Brett Favre. Their will be a bunch of shirts and jerseys referencing those four names and phrases at FedEx Field in Week 11. Can't forget the cheese. The amount of adults wearing fake cheese blocks on their head obscuring your view of the field will be infuriating. 
As a closet Packers fan, I know firsthand how obnoxious we can be. Let me be the first to alert you on how many fans will be discount-doublechecking once Aaron Rodgers completes a touchdown pass. It's a rematch of the Wild Card weekend playoff game that left Redskins fans bitter and Packers fans cheesing. Be prepared for the second biggest invasion of yellow this season at FedEx Field.
1. Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers fans "travel well." Pittsburgh is a "blue-collar city." All phrases you've heard before. I'm here to dispel both phrases because they blatantly contradict each other! If it's such a "blue-collar city" how can they afford to pay thousands of dollars to be at every stadium every season?! Steel mills are closing everyday, but yet these "blue-collar workers" can are spending big money to bring their yellow rags and cheer for their team in a new city every week? 
That's hogwash. Steelers fans don't "travel well." They just have an abundance of bandwagon fans from across the country that have really high-paying jobs and some of us, not naming names, envy them! Not mad at anybody for liking the Steelers. Their color scheme is nice and their tradition of physical, stingy defense is a trait any fan would want their football team to be tied to. 
It will be Week 1 and Monday Night Football, oh boy. That night, FedEx Field will look like a neutral playing site.

Talib Babb is a freelancer for, producer for 106.7 The Fan, stand-up comic and Maryland native. You can find him on Twitter @talibbabb.

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