Conner: Not all NFL Draft QB projects are worth trying to complete

Paul Conner looks back at the history of the Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan to possibly rule out who he'd draft at the Quarterback position.

Scot McCloughan knows the value of the quarterback position. It was already likely that he would take one in the 2016 NFL Draft but after telling reporters recently that he'd like to come out with twelve picks, it almost guarantees it. I looked at McCloughan's draft history and after crunching film with trends, I was able to narrow down three likely prospects that the Redskins could look at on Day 3. If you missed it, you can find it HERE. Some popular prospects were not on that list. I used the same trends from the previous article to rule out a few prospects. Let's take a look:

Ohio State QB Cardale Jones 6'5" 253 lbs.

Doug Williams reportedly likes Jones' arm strength. There is no doubt that he has a cannon but his throws are like a shotgun because they spray everywhere. He has the size and throw power you like but lacks just about everywhere else. His poor accuracy has been noted, making his receivers really work for the ball. He doesn't anticipate well, his clock is slow and he won't be able to run away from NFL defenders as easy. He became the starter when no other option was available and was benched when defenses figured him out. At a position that needs repetition, Jones only threw 269 passes in college. In order for Jones to develop, he has a mountain of obstacles to climb and the success rate of others with the same problems are low. If he does, it could take 4-5 years.

Louisiana Tech QB Jeff Driskel 6'4" 234 lbs.

Jeff Driskel has the physical tools of a modern day Quarterback. He possesses prototypical size and after running a 4.56 40 yard dash at the combine, you can see he has the movement skills to extend plays. All these traits made him the #1 QB recruit in his high school class. The problem with Driskel is not his physical tools, but his mental makeup. Scot McClougan likes players who have played in big time games and when the lights turn on, they play their brightest. Driskel had major problems at Florida with his confidence, turnovers, and poor accuracy. The lights were too bright. He lead a stagnant offense that had enough talent that that word shouldn't be in the same sentence. After breaking his leg in 2013, he returned to his starting role in 2014 and was benched for poor play by the end of the season. Knowing there would be a quarterback competition, Driskel transfered to Louisiana Tech. Florida coaches tried to convince him to stay but he didn't. He faced adversity. He ran. Driskel put up numbers in a much simpler offense against much weaker competition. Unless Driskel has done extreme damage repair in interviews, I don't see this happening.

Western Kentucky QB Brandon Doughty 6'3" 213 lbs.

I'm kind of cheating on this one. The preface of the article is players I don't think they Redskins will draft. Redskins have already talked to Doughty more than once, but I don't think it's to draft him. I think it's to establish a bond to help pull him in as an undrafted free agent. There is a lot to like about Doughty; he's a film rat who understood his offense like the back of his hand. He puts in the time to understand what defenses are trying to do. He has a good football IQ. Unfortunately, he has a weak arm for his size and might not be able to make all the NFL throws. He needs a clean pocket to make to be precise because he can't muscle them through traffic or generate power throwing on the run. He reminds me of Connor Halliday, who the Redskins also made a priority undrafted free agent, in the way that he's a lanky thrower, with a below-average arm, and put up video game numbers in a non-pro offense. To top it off, Doughty is going to be a 25 year old rookie. I don't doubt that he will work hard at learning a pro style offense, but how old will he be when he can grasp it?

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