Josh Doctson did not expect Redskins to draft him

Washington selected the athletic wide receiver in the first round after only one informal interview

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said Thursday that the team chose wide receiver Josh Doctson because he was "clearly" the best player on their draft board at 22nd overall. Doctson never would have guessed that.

"I met with them one time and it was an informal interview at the combine," Doctson said of his pre-draft conversations with Washington. "I really didn’t think they were interested in me at all. It was so sudden and really abrupt being picked by the Redskins, but, man, hey, I’m happy and ready to get to work."

Doctson definitely has some areas of his game to work on. He comes from TCU's spread offense and understands that he needs to become comfortable with a full NFL route tree. However, he intimated multiple times Thursday how eager he is to listen, learn and work in order to improve his game. Conversely, Doctson's hands are league-ready and he knows it.

"My game starts with the most dominant trait a receiver should have and that’s catching the football," Doctson said. "I want to make sure that I catch the football in all situations if the quarterback tries to throw it to me and trusts me to catch it. I want to make sure that I have all that trust."

The Redskins trust they made the right call with Doctson. It was a call that caught the playmaker off guard, but regardless of whether Doctson knew it or not, the Redskins already had everything they needed on him.

"Just because we didn’t interview him at the combine at a formal interview really doesn’t mean anything," Gruden said. "A lot of those interviews are trying to get guys that we’re not sure about character-wise and all that stuff, trying to figure out more about maybe juniors or what have you. But for Josh, we already knew what type of guy he was and what type of guy he is and will be."

Breaking Burgundy publisher Ben Standig contributed to this report from Ashburn.

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