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They couldn't stop the run. They couldn't reach the end zone. And they committed too many penalties. Just an all-around bad night for the Redskins, 20-0 losers to Carolina on Saturday. Here's the tale of the tape on who looked bad and, believe it or not, who looked good.

The Redskins didn't show much; they ran a basic defense and blitzed occasionally. The offense was pretty basic, too. But they did show that a lot of work is needed before this team is ready for the season.

SIZZLE . . . Running back Chad Morton turned a pass to the sidelines into a 14-yard gain with his shiftiness and quickness. Morton makes guys miss, which is what all good backs do.

. . . Guard Randy Thomas and center Larry Moore weren't the problems with the first unit.

. . . Receiver Laveranues Coles. Had he not stumbled, his 47-yard catch would have been a touchdown. But did you see how wide open the guy was? Lining him up in the slot and putting him in motion will get him freer than he's been in the past.

. . . Running back Sultan McCollough ran hard and fast. The more I see of him the more I like him. But he's still considered a longshot to make the roster.

. . . Brent Bartholomew punted well. He's still too inconsistent in practice for my taste, but perhaps the Redskins eventual punter isn't even on the roster yet.

. . . Linebacker Antonio Pierce. Caused two fumbles.

. . . Corner Ade Jimoh. Seemed to be in the right places.


. . . Tight end Zeron Flemister. He dropped passes last year. He's dropped them in training camp. And he dropped one Saturday on a fourth and one. Is anyone surprised? The only surprise is that he's considered their receiving tight end.

. . . Fullback Bryan Johnson also has struggled with his hands this summer, looking more like a guard trying to catch passes. He hasn't had this problem in the past so we'll cut him some slack. But he needs to drop this nasty habit soon.

. . . Running back Trung Canidate also dropped a pass--he was criticized in St. Louis for his inconsistent hands. Canidate also reverted to his early-camp form of running when, on third and two, he ran through the hole nearly standing up. He's way too easy to bring down like that. Lower that shoulder.

. . . Right tackle Jon Jansen. Allowed Julius Peppers to bull rush him once--it looked like Jansen was setting up for a speed move only to have Peppers run through him. Jansen was called for holding and a false start. Another time he failed to get out on the linebacker, allowing him to make a tackle on Canidate.

. . . Punter Bryan Barker. One long punt and one short one from deep in his own territory. Haven't we seen this movie before?

. . . Rookie guard Derrick Dockery showed he's still learning. He must improve his recognition in order to eventually crack the lineup. The Panthers did a good job disguising blitzes and going through his hole when he'd block down. Also failed to pick up a stunt. Some of this is communication; some of it is experience. All of it is correctable.

. . . Corner Alex Molden allowed a couple catches by Muhsin Muhammed, one of the game's top wideouts. That's not unforgiveable. But Molden couldn't even close on a play in which Muhammed slipped and came back for the ball. And Molden was slow to react on another play in which quarterback Rodney Peete was heavily pressured yet nearly made a downfield completion.

. . . Defensive end Mike Cecere. Longshot to make the roster and didn't change anyone's mind on that with his play.

LUKEWARM . . . The quarterbacks. Patrick Ramsey completed two of five passes, but three were dropped. Rob Johnson was more accurate, but also fumbled once and threw an interception. Johnson, though, has improved since Danny Wuerffel was signed.

. . . Safety Matt Bowen. Got through on blitzes, but didn't finish.

. . . Backup end Ladairis Jackson. Showed he still has some quickness, but when he tries to bull rush anyone, he's easily stopped. Jackson must get stronger to become a better player.

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