Redskins reveal jersey numbers for rookies, free agents -- and Duke Ihenacho

The draftees get their first numbers, free agents get their first numbers as Redskins and Duke Iheanacho gets a number with Josh Norman arriving.

The Washington Redskins have announced jersey numbers assigned to rookies and free agent signings. We're going to go through each of these new numbers because people care about such things. Really, they do.

Here's something else folks care about: Getting paid.

That brings to mind new cornerback Josh Norman possibly receiving the No. 24 he wore with Carolina -- and about what safety Duke Ihenacho said before Norman's signing occurred.

So, did the old No. 24 get paid by the $75 million man? Add this to the training camp storylines list. Ihenacho will now wear 29, which became available when the Redskins released Chris Culliver Monday.

Some notable numbers:

  • Wide receiver Josh Doctson: No. 18, which is double the "9" he wore at TCU. If Doctson doubles his college stats on the NFL level, look out.
  • Cornerback Kendall Fuller: No. 38. Fuller wore No. 11 at Virginia Tech, but that is currently held by receiver DeSean Jackson, who could not wear his original No. 10 after joining from Philadelphia because of Robert Griffin III.
  • Defensive back Kyshoen Jarrett: No. 34. Jarrett was able to switch back to his Virginia Tech number with Trenton Robinson no longer being on the team after wearing No. 30 last season. This move also allowed David Bruton to keep the number he used with the Denver Broncos.
  • Safety David Bruton: No. 30. Going against the grain compared to previously mentioned players, Bruton is sticking with his numbers from Denver.
  • Tight end Vernon Davis: No. 85. Like Bruton, Davis will continue to wear the same number he had earlier in his pro career.

Other Rookies

  • Defensive lineman Matt Ioannidis: No. 98. Like Doctson -- and surprisingly so -- Ioannidis wore No. 9 at Temple but is being "forced" to fit in to the traditional defensive line numbering.

  • Quarterback Nate Sudfeld: No. 2. He wore 7 at Indiana. Maybe Joe Theismann said, "Not so fast, kid."
  • Linebacker Steven Daniels: No. 53. Daniels' college number, 52, was taken by fellow newcomer Terence Garvin.
  • Running back Keith Marshall: No. 39. Marshall couldn't continue using his college No. 4.

Free Agents

  • Linebacker Terence Garvin: No. 52. Garvin was forced to change from his No. 57 with the Steelers because of long snapper Nick Sundberg.

Other Number Changes

Now you are fully caught up with all of the jersey additions and changes the Washington Redskins have heading into the 2016 NFL season. If Josh Norman wants to send some reward for the effort, that's cool.

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