Doubters beware: Washington Redskins CB Josh Norman ready to 'just shut their mouths up'

Did the Carolina Panthers unfairly leave All-Pro corner Josh Norman high and dry? Norman reflects on the "surreal" adjustment.

We know the headlines. Josh Norman saw his franchise tender removed by the Carolina Panthers and shortly thereafter, he signed with the Washington Redskins. In a recent interview with Emily Kaplan of, Norman reflected on these events.

Norman was driving to his offseason house in Atlanta following his stepsister's funeral when he got a call from his agent, Michael George, that would forever change his life. The Panthers had rescinded the non-exclusive franchise tag they placed on the All-Pro corner.

“Don’t they know how bad I want to be here?” Norman asked. “Couldn’t they have given me warning?” He says he dialed {Panthers owner Jerry] Richardson’s number seeking clarity. He called his coaches. He then called [Panthers general manager Dave] Gettleman and said he was willing to sign the tender. According to Norman, Gettleman told the player that the paperwork had already been filed.

According to Kaplan, Norman wanted to be the NFL's richest cornerback by signing a five-year, $80 million deal while Carolina would not budge past five years at $60 million. The gap created a souring divide between Gettleman and Norman. Things likely went south quickly because Gettleman, hired in 2013, had no ties to the 2012 fifth-round draft pick.

"It's kind of still surreal in a way, it's still an adjustment," Norman said. "You got to think about it, man. Being somewhere 28 years, all your life, and you know it like the back of your hand and just getting picked up out of the thick of things like a week ago, two weeks ago. It's kind of like 'Wow.' For an All-Pro, Pro Bowl player and went to the Super Bowl to be released from your team, it's almost like being unplugged in the system. You're not going back. It's like all delete. It just goes to show I wasn't going to get paid there.

"The situation of how everything went down with that in Carolina is how it was supposed to go down. To change that, I don't think there is anything I could have done to have changed that. I did everything I could do."

Norman seems to be moving past the hurt from his hometown club by noting that "it's just all about how you take it."

Now he is ready to build a new home in the nation's capitol. "Yeah, I'm happy," he said

Josh Norman has officially put the league on notice.

"All the naysayers and doubters, we have a chance and an opportunity to just shut their mouths up because they have no idea what's about to come, but there's a storm coming."

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