Washington Redskins WR Josh Doctson attacking rookie learning curve

The Redskins' first-round pick is making the most of Washington's three-day rookie camp by catching up with the NFL game.

ASHBURN, Va. -- Josh Doctson's days in college are over, but the Redskins’ first-round pick is still a student. And after going through a Saturday session during the team’s rookie minicamp, the wide receiver told the media that he’s not totally at ease with the new offense he figures to be a decent part of.

Not that he’s worried about that, though.

“It was like this at TCU,” Doctson said. "I didn’t know the playbook, it was foreign to me. With time, I got comfortable and just more relaxed. Just with time, I’ll be good.”

On a day where dropped passes and incorrect routes were commonplace, Doctson had his fair share of mistakes. There were minuscule missteps, like a few slips during an agility drill that he had to redo, and communication issues, most notably during one-on-one work where he broke off on an in-breaking slant while quarterback Nate Sudfeld lofted a corner fade.

He later admitted that he’s going to need a lot more exposure and on-field practice until he’s truly ready to run operate without hesitation or thinking.

“It’s all of it,” Doctson answered when asked what type of learner he is. “Auditory, mental, all of it. I gotta see all different parts of it, all different perspectives. Most importantly, going out and reppin’ it. And getting a real feel for it.”

An encouraging sign from the 23-year-old came at the conclusion of the day. With the rest of the rookies and free agents heading to the locker room and with a rainstorm about to hit the Ashburn facility, Doctson stayed outside for extra throws and catches with Sudfeld. It looked like the pair were looking to fix the goal line sequence they bungled earlier.

That’s a development that would likely bring a smile to coach Jay Gruden’s face, who said during his press conference that missing a large target down in the end zone like Doctson is something that’s very frustrating to him. Speaking of the third-year head coach, that’s a guy the Texas native is looking forward to suiting up for.

“Really player-friendly guy,” he said of Gruden, who monitored Doctson often Saturday and even lined up some as a stationary defensive back. "It’s really neat to learn from somebody like that. He's always talking smack.”

Gruden is also saying nice things about his new receiver.

“To be a first-round pick, you obviously have a great skill set and he’s done nothing to disappoint, that’s for sure," the coach said of Doctson.

Then there are the other pass catchers that Doctson will be able to learn from, experienced guys such as DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon, who have brains that are ripe for the picking.

Expect him to make use of those resources.

“Both of ‘em are really quiet. I really just watch ‘em work,” Doctson said of the Burgundy and Gold’s top two outside options. As for what he’s noticed about them so far? "Perfection, that’s the biggest thing.”

Doctson has been a Redskin for just a few weeks. The learning curve could be a steep one — for instance, he mentioned that TCU’s offense featured no double moves, while Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay’s unit has a whole arsenal of them.


Going forward, however, he’s going to have more chances to soak up information, avoid those minute mistakes and get himself into full gear.

That sounds like a level he’s anxious to get to.

"Right now, we’re probably about 75-80 percent,” Doctson said. "As time goes on, we’re just goin' up, steady incline.”

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