Oddsmaker sets Washington Redskins over/under for 2016 wins

Are the Redskins projected to finish over .500 and win the NFC East or, not so much?

Outside of those fans who predict a Super Bowl win every season, the 2015 Washington Redskins exceeded all realistic expectations. Forget the NFC East title, which had lots to do with what went wrong in Dallas, Philadelphia and New York. How about reaching nine wins for the second time since 2007? We know you liked that, but did you see that coming? Probably not. 

This leads to the obvious question: How many wins for the 2016 season? 

The odds-making folks at Bovada released over/under totals for every NFL team. As for the Redskins, the total is...drumroll.....7.5.

Hmmm. Even for the non-math majors out there, that means Vegas is looking at Washington as no better than a .500 team despite adding the two Josh's, keeping its starting quarterback and generally having a drama-free offseason. 


For some context, Bovada set the Cowboys' over/under at 9.5 with the Giants at 8.0 and the Eagles at 7.0. So wins and losses aside, the Redskins are viewed as third in the division. 

Even if I concede that a third-place projection is perhaps reasonable*, the win total seems off since Washington appears to be closer to Dallas, who will enter the season as the NFC East favorite if Tony Romo can avoid breaking things on his body, than a retooling Philadelphia. 

[*The Cowboys and Giants have safer options at quarterback. That doesn't mean Kirk Cousins can't be as good if not better. It just means he's done it one year and those two have been around for awhile. Then there is the first-place schedule thing. No qualms from me if someone picks the Redskins to repeat, but on paper, I can understand projecting third place or at least not first.)

Five teams are listed at 10.5 wins: Carolina, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh and Seattle. 

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