Hey, NFL: Here are the Redskins games we want on YouTube

One Super Bowl win? Specific victory over Dallas? RG3 runs past Vikings? So many Redskins games, but only three are going on YouTube via the NFL.

The NFL and YouTube recently announced a partnership football fans with with a sense of nostalgia and interest in history will love more than a bye week for their favorite team before a Thursday night game: Three “most memorable games” in the histories of each team on the video platform before the 2016 season.

This leads to an important question: Which games for each team? 

With the Washington Redskins in my mind, we asked a bunch of folks who know the team -- some longer than other though none from the leather helmet days -- for which games they want to see most.


The old guys

Chuck Sapienza, Breaking Burgundy

  • 1972 NFC Championship - The 1st title appearance for Washington since the 40's. The touchdown pass from Billy Kilmer to Charlie Taylor is one of the most iconic plays in franchise history plus it was a win over the Dallas Cowboys and secured the Redskins their 1st Super Bowl appearance
  • 1982 NFC Championship - Just an all around fantastic game. Gibbs offense was hitting its stride. Riggins was dominate and the defense was peaking. Darryl Grant's pick 6 is another top 5 play in franchise history. The chants of "We Want Dallas" still gives me goose bumps
  • Seat Cushion Game - Divisional playoff Game against Atlanta in January 1992. Media was focused on Jerry Glanville leaving tickets for Elvis, MC Hammer being on the Falcons sidelines and "PrimeTime" Deion Sanders talking about an upset. The Skins dominated and after Gerald Riggs scored late in the 4Q to give the Skins a 24-7 lead, the fans began tossing 1000s of promotional seat cushions onto the field. To me, this game WAS RFK Stadium. Blustery cold rainy day. The stands bouncing, seat cushions flying and the crowd chanting "We want Dallas" hoping to face a heated rival in the 1992 NFC Title game (Dallas lost to Detroit so that matchup never happened).

Ben Standig, Breaking Burgundy

  • 1982 NFC Championship game - The game one week later against the Miami Dolphins ended with the franchise's first Super Bowl trophy. This game is truly the one that made fans they could win it all. That's because for years the Redskins were Charlie Brown trying to kick the football and the Dallas Cowboys played the role of Lucy to a tee. The Riggo Drill, Dexter Manley's knockout sack and Darryl Grant's tipped pass pick six changed that. 

  • 1987 Super Bowl - There's more than just the electrifying second quarter here, but those glorious 15 minutes tell the story. Seeing as I'm busy running a Redskins website and catching up all the Netflix shows, getting all the smiles in short order works. This highlight package of the entire game, even shorter.

  • "The Replacements" beat the Cowboys - When discussing the greatness of the Joe Gibbs/Bobby Beathard era, don't overlook how the coach and general manager maneuvered when the NFL players held a walkout in 1987 after the opening two weeks. The league passed on going dark and instead brought in replacements players. Knowing what was coming, Beathard scouted for help and Gibbs coached them up. After winning the first two games, Washington played at Dallas on Monday Night Football. At this point, the Redskins were the only team in the league that didn't have any of their real players cross the picket line. The Cowboys did. Not just players, but stars like running back Tony Dorsett, defensive tackle Randy White and starting quarterback Danny White. The Redskins had Ed Ruppert, who shined in the opening two wins at QB, but left against Dallas with an injury. Tony Robinson, a standout at Tennessee and convicted cocaine dealer on a work release from the Knox County Penal Farm, replaced Ruppert. The strike had already ended and the vast majority of players knew this was it and played inspired, shocking Dallas 13-7. The fictionalized version of this team became a Keanu Reeves-Gene Hackman 13 years later. I haven't watched the real thing since that Monday night and I'd really like to do just that.

Pete Medhurst, 106.7 The Fan

  • Super Bowl 17 Because it was the first Super Bowl Championship
  • Mark Moseley FG in the snow to beat NY Giants in his 1982 MVP Year
  • NFC Title game over Dallas 1983

The next generation (and then some)

Peter Hailey, Breaking Burgundy

  • The Monday Night Miracle in Dallas — Listening to the call of Santana Moss’ second of two late and long touchdowns against the Cowboys is definitely linked to a happier and healthier life.
  • Last year’s NFC East Clincher in Philadelphia — Watching Kirk Cousins and Jordan Reed embarrass Eagles linebackers repeatedly is a fantastic way to spend three hours of one’s life.

  • The 59-28 debacle versus the Eagles at FedEx Field — Just to remember how bad things once were.

Brent, Burgundy Blog

  • 1. January 4, 1992. NFC Divisional Playoff. Redskins 24, Falcons 7. This is the "Seat Cushion Game." If you don't know about it, Google it. I was 11 years old, watching this from the mezzanine at RFK. I consider this the day I became a man.
  • 2. September 14, 1997. Redskins 19, Cardinals 13. This is the first ever regular season game at FedEx Field. Frerotte hit Westbrook for a 40-yard TD in OT to win it and the place exploded. Best game I ever attended at FedEx. (It peaked early.)

  • 3. November 22, 2012. Redskins 38, Cowboys 31. RGIII lit up Jerry World for 300+ and four tuddies on Thanksgiving. He looked invincible and we all felt that way. The 2nd quarter was an IV bolus of euphoria.

Brendan Darr, 106.7 The Fan
  • Super Bowl 26 -- I was 5 at the time and I remember getting off of kindergarten for the win, but not much else. I wish I remembered more, but I've gone back and watched ... Man, is it fun to win a blowout in the Super Bowl. 
  • Week 17 against Dallas in 2012 -- There hasn't been a more satisfying game I've gotten to watch. In what was the de facto NFC East Title Game, Alfred Morris went out and ran down Dallas' throat and they couldn't do anything about it. An added plus, Tony Romo going full Romo on their final real drive. 
  • Week 16 against Philly in 2015 -- Again, beating a rival to clinch the playoffs is a lot of fun. I can't understate that. Watching Kirk Cousins torch the Eagles to clinch the division was awesome. I awesome others will have more Super Bowls or playoff appearances, but when they are so few and far between, sometimes it's worth remembering the ones that got you there. 


Neil Dalal, Breaking Burgundy 

As a youngster I will pick three games from the past decade:

  • September 19, 2005: Washington Redskins 14, Dallas Cowboys 13. Joe Gibbs was four minutes away from getting embarrassingly shut out on Monday Night Football by the archrival Cowboys. Then Mark Brunell and Santana Moss decided to happen. Before Moss burned the Dallas secondary, not once but twice, the then 35-year old Brunell juked his way to a 25-yard pick with his legs to turn a third-and-27 into a manageable fourth-and-2. The Monday Night Miracle is still a better comeback than Kirk Cousins' 24-point deficit against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past season.
  • November 5, 2006: Washington Redskins 22, Dallas Cowboys 19. The game that turned Sean Taylor from simply a "Meast" to a DC legend. After a blocked field goal by Troy Vincent, it was Taylor who recovered and return the ball through a facemask penalty that allowed the Redskins to walk off the archrivals in an otherwise disappointing 2006 season. A player and man gone way too soon leaves us with bits and pieces of just how extraordinary he was.
  • October 14, 2012: Washington Redskins 38, Minnesota Vikings 26. There were a lot of great moments in the Nation's Capitol in 2012 because of Robert Griffin III but his 76 yard on touchdown run on a pivotal third down might have been the most electrifying play in my lifetime. Instead of remembering a tenure cut short by injury with the poor play that followed, the fan base will always have plays like this to fall back on.

The fans

 "One for me since I was there was the Cowboys game when Romo drove down the field thanks to Witten and got in field goal range for the last second kick blocked by Troy Vincent and picked up by Sean Taylor who returned it inside the Cowboys 30 and was also face masked so they tacked on that penalty. Skins kick winning field goal and win !! Went from despair to a elation all in 10 seconds."  - Josh Henizelmann 
"Redskins vs. Cowboys Championship Game 31-17.  So much about this game is memorable.  Dexter Manley Knocking out Danny White in the first half (and if there were instant replay it would have been fumble not an incomplete pass as ruled on the field).  Hogeboom came out hot in the second half until the famous SI cover shot of Dexter tipping the ball and Darrell Grant high stepping into the end zone.  Lets not forget that the was the third straight playoff game with Riggo over 100 yards and 30+ carries after infamously telling Joe Gibbs "Give me the ball.”  - Jim Loreto
"I'm going to take a divergent path and go with their only playoff win in the 2000's - January 2006, which is pretty sad, but you have to celebrate the small victories. Skins were clear underdogs. Our defense had one of those seminal performances which kept scoring low. CP had a touchdown and then Sean Taylor returned a fumble by Cadillac Williams to cement the lead. Skins win 17-10. After ending a ten-year relationship with a guy who did not like to watch professional sports (I know, what was I thinking?), 2006 is also the year that I reclaimed that huge part of my life, so that may be adding rose color to my memory of this game." - Lisa Throckmorton

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