Camp Report Summary - Day 15

The Redskins signed defensive tackle James Cannida today. But don't expect him to perform miracles. Here's what we know about Cannida: the coach who knew him best--Tony Dungy--no longer wanted him. Not sure why: maybe Cannida is too banged up. He battled injury problems last season. In addition today was an explosive day at Redskins Park, lots of tidbits...

It remains to be seen if he'll help: Cannida is just another guy who can provide depth. The Redskins still need to find another starter along the line. Right now they have a bunch of No. 4 pitchers, to borrow a baseball analogy.

Besides, part of the problem Saturday was at end. Renaldo Wynn wasn't doing much to help and the linebackers weren't visible all too often either. It wasn't just the tackles.

. . . Center Larry Moore will undergo an MRI Tuesday morning to determine the severity of a sprained left knee. Wilbert Brown replaced Moore during the 11-on-11 work later in practice. Dave Fiore sat out practice because of a bruised shoulder, but is expected to return Tuesday. If Moore is lost for any length of time, the Redskins could shift Fiore from left guard to center, inserting rookie Derrick Dockery into the lineup.

. . . Running back Ladell Betts dressed and went through drills, but was held out of contact. The Redskins hope he can resume hitting later this week. Running back Kenny Watson (knee) did not practice.

. . . Receiver Pat Woodcock returned to practice. He looked good the first week of camp, but missed last week with a sprained knee. Woodcock juked corner Fred Smoot today, leaving the chatty one on the ground.

. . . Receiver Darnerien McCants remains sidelined with a hamstring injury.

. . . RB coach/offensive coordinator Hue Jackson chewed out FB Thad Buttone for not hustling on a play. Buttone, remember, was cut before Saturday's game and re-signed today.

''Hey, Thad! What do you think this is?!'' Jackson yelled. ''Everyone else is running down there and you're sitting and watching?! Get your butt down there.''

Buttone is not long for this roster.

. . . RB Trung Canidate and S Matt Bowen have had their share of hits this summer. But not on one run Monday. As Canidate ran downfield, Bowen raced over--as he's supposed to do. Rather than hit him, the two held hands as they ran another 10 yards.

. . .Kicker John Hall appeared to be fine when he attempted approximately 15-20 field goals before practice. So says our man Rich Tandler. Hall will kick Saturday.

. . . Canidate dropped another pass over the middle in practice. Also failed to pick up a blitzer. Still don't think he's the answer. But someone else has to show they are.

. . . Penalties were a part of Washington's practice today, too. Just like Saturday. On back-to-back plays, quarterback Patrick Ramsey drew linemen Greg Scott and Jonathan Brown offsides, giving the offense a first down.

. . . Defensive tackle Bernard Jackson dropped into a zone blitz in an 11-on-11 drill. Looked nimble enough to handle such a role. Usually, ends are the one's who drop into coverage.

. . . Right tackle Jon Jansen got beat on an inside move by Wynn during the 11-on-11 drill. Jansen did not play well Saturday.

. . . Defensive backs coach George Catavalos was irked by the offense at one point today, running up from about 30 yards downfield, shouting, ''That's Bull----! That's Bull----!'' Not sure what he was upset about, but his anger fit with the rest of the team's.

. . . After practice, backup QB Danny Wuerffel impressed some teammates by throwing three straight footballs off the crossbar from about 30 yards out. Reminded me of some of the field goals I've seen out here over the years.

. . . If you wonder whether the players stay angry at one another after getting into scrapes on the field, the answer is usually not. RB Chad Morton and LB Jeremiah Trotter walked toward the locker room together and the mood indoors was light. They understand the business.

Trotter and LB LaVar Arrington helped keep things loose. Arrington walked indoors without his shirt on, prompting Trotter to come over and say out loud, ''You've got to tell me what I can do to get chiseled like this.'' Some TV cameras were rolling.

. . . Arrington then chided RB Sultan McCollough, seated around a table of reporters, for getting some pub. But it was all good-natured. Stuff that happens on the field stays there.

. . . Apparently, word got out on McCollough who got labeled as someone with a bad attitude before the draft. That's why no team picked him and the Redskins were only one of two teams to contact the former USC starter.

But keep this in mind: Hue Jackson recruited McCollough in college. McCollough ran nine times for 50 yards Saturday.

''He has a good chance to make the roster if he keeps playing like that,'' Steve Spurrier said.

. . . Pity special teams coach Mike Stock. He has a degenerative hip and had to hobble around on crutches today.

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